Social Networking Portals versus Indian Matrimonial Portals

Social Networking Portals versus Indian Matrimonial Portals

A basic research shows that there are surprisingly similar figures involved in the user segment of social networking websites and Indian matrimonial portals. While the Indian social media segment has an active user group aged 14 o 30 years of age, the most active members belong to the age group of 16 and 24 years.

Indian Matrimonial

The Objective

While the main motive behind logging on the these websites is leverage cheap and accessible options to stay connected with friends, evidently the online Indian matrimonial segment has been able to develop its own set of niche clients who log on for an entirely different purpose.

Motivation to Log On

Online matrimonial portals typically cater to an age group ranging between 18 and 40 year olds, their objectives are far more defined. A major factor which sets apart social networking portals from match making website is that once the purpose of the user on a match making portal is solved, there is no reason for them to come back and log into their profile.

Reliability of User Information

Another major factor that discriminates both these platforms is the simple truth that users tend not to lie too much on match making websites, whereas the information they update on social networking platforms tend to be exaggerated many times.

Adherence to Indian Traditions

The fact of the matter is that social networking portals such as Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter will never be able to replace the concept of Indian matrimonial portals, simply because the match making portals have been able to integrate a number of culture specific features into their interfaces which entirely lack in the more mass social media platforms.

Match making websites help integrate easy involvement of families and societies into the system This, isn’t possible on social platforms.

The largest segment that has been able to optimize the benefits of match making portals is the NRI segment which does not reside within the country but is looking to find a life partner from their home land. These portals enhance connectivity and provide opportunities for NRI’s residing in all parts of the world to find for themselves marital bliss with a click of their mouse.