Some Amazing Rituals in Indian Matrimony

1. Testing adjustment level of brides by earthen pot test

In most of the parts of Bihar, there is a tradition of piling up the pots at the head of the bride. The bride is supposed to touch the feet of the elders and keep the balance on his head. This ceremony symbolizes that how well the bride is able to adjust to her new family, roles and responsibilities.

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2. ceremony of pulling nose of the groom

Mother-in-law becomes the groom by performing AArti and playfully pulling the nose of the groom. By this act the bride’s family reminds the groom that he has come to marry their daughter. He is supposed to be humble and grateful.This ceremony is performed in Gujarat by the name of Ponkvu or Ponkhana.

3. Custom of mother of the bride not seeing the wedding

On the wedding day, the bride’s family married women rise at dawn and perform Ganga Aarti. They pray to keep the bride happy forever. In some of the Bengali weddings, the mother of the bride is not supposed to see the wedding ceremony.

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4. Change Of mind by the Groom to become sanyasi at the time of wedding

In Tamil Brahmin (Iyer) wedding, an age old story is recited. Here As a part of the ceremony, the groom is supposed to have a change of heart before entering the mandap and deciding to live the life as an ascetic. The bride’s father reach out to the groom to convince him to change his decision and takes the groom back using umbrella, sandals, Bhagavad Gita as prop.

5. Game of rings between brides and grooms

Here As a part of the ceremony mostly for Hindu Wedding, A silver dish comprising of the ring, rose petals, milk and vermillion is kept in front of the bride and groom. Both of them have to dip their hands in the dish to take out the ring. The one of the two who finds the ring four times is authorized to wear the pant in the family.

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