The Basic Ingredients In A Successful Marriage

The Basic Ingredients In A Successful Marriage

In India at least there still exists the concept of an organized marriage. So here two complete strangers are locked in matrimony. This sounds weird but, yes, it is also true at the same time. So the saying that marriages are made in heaven holds truth. Or how else can two strangers live in unison in harmony? But does their status of not knowing each other impact marriage life?

And the apparent answer is a big no. This is why they say marriages are made in heaven. In their marriage life, they propose to walk together for the remainder of the journey of life hand in hand. there will be many ups and downs There will be a number of highs and an equivalent number of lows. But that did not deter them because they were destined to live with each other.

Whatever position they are in is irrelevant to their being together. Their weight, height, skin colour, cultural differences and financial status are all matters that can be kept apart. This is because destiny has planned a life of marital happiness together. Even if there are any matters in a marriage that might impact them should be left for them to solve.

When God has brought them together, God also has all the answers for their problems. This is known as marriage. Since man is prone to errors there is nothing called a perfect match. So it is the couple that can resolve all their problems alone.

Do Physical Attributes Affect A Marriage?

As such physical attributes do not cause much of a flutter in someone’s marriage life. But of course, there is just one attribute that might make some difference to a married pair. Research says, a wedding is a bliss when the male partner is taller than the female partner.

And In reality, most girls would want their man to be taller than them. And the man also feels good when his lady is shorter than him. The girl can make up for her height difference by wearing heels. So this should also really not come in the way of a happily married life.

So height counts a lot because society makes it matter. As soon as they see a woman taller than her husband, immediately their tongues start wagging. Even if the couple does not have any problems, society contribute to the chaos in their marriage.

But today such issues actually do not impact couples much. But even if it does the right marital site can help them to overcome such issues. They can help to dispel all such problems that might cause chaos in the future.

The Ingredients To A Happy Marriage

No problems can impact marriage life when every relationship has a few essential ingredients in it to make it successful. A marriage is successful in the beginning for one primary cause. At the start, there is nothing much between a couple and they naturally share a lot.

The pair also focuses on each other which helps in making the relationship happy. But as the years go by suddenly they begin accumulating things on their journey. That is when the problems cropped up. It takes the attention away from each other and gets distracted easily. So get rid of those and ensure the following ingredients.


A couple has to be dedicated to each other no matter what may come their way. Love is not something that can happen for a second. It grows over years of togetherness and there is nothing romantic about it. It is something deeper than what you see in films and read in novels. It has to permeate right through to the core.

Sexually Faithful

Of course, though this is not everything, it is something very important. A marriage binds two different spirits in one body. So they have to be trustworthy to each other no matter what the situation is like. So once tied as a perfect match, there is no way that a pair can look at others or even think about them. This is called sexually loyal to each other.

Accepting Humility

No one is perfect and as such, there is nothing called a perfect fit. So when there are shortcomings in a person the person has to admit it. This acceptance of humility leads to happiness and happiness. The couple must not try to prove to each other their superiority.

Ability To Forgive And Forget

This is one of the biggest facets of any marriage. Since everyone has certain shortcomings and flaws in them, they might make mistakes. The other partner must learn to forgive the other’s mistakes and forget them. Only that can lead to a very gladly married life. All negative matters in a marriage must be forgiven as fast as possible.

Time For Each Other

Taking some time out for each other is very much necessary for a marriage to be a success. The wedding life becomes best when the couple has sufficient time for each other. They must not feel lonely when in unison. They have to spend some quality time together to find joy. It takes an enormous lot of time to build a perfect relationship.

Trust And Honesty

These are the foundation rocks in a perfect marriage. Lack of trust and sincerity with each other can lead to destruction in a relationship. If it is not there in the first place the marriage will never develop into the marriage life that is expected. For that, the couple has to become selfless and dedicated. Sometimes that might take time but patience has to be there for it to happen.

Communicating With Each Other

Silence does not help in improving married life. There has to be proper communication in the relationship not to let any matters affect marriage life. Whatever problem there is in a marriage it has to be figured out by communicating with each other. Communicating to building a strong relationship is talking about each other. This does not always mean talking about kids and family matters.

Total Selflessness

A couple has to be completely devoted to each other selflessly. Only this can bring the amount of dedication and honesty in the relationship. This will in turn lead to a happy marriage. Even if one partner in a relationship is selfish it tends to get spoiled. Think and feel for your partner and the relationship will blossom into one of the assets of your life.

No matter which marital site helps two people to come together nothing works out if the two people are absent in the relationship. So no one can actually help any couple to make it through successfully as a couple so long as they are not dedicated to each other. There has to be worth, love, care, and trust in a marriage.

Marriage has the power to make or break a person. So watch out for everything that causes ruin in a marriage. No one can actually help a marriage to survive unless both people help themselves. So, rather than running after materialistic things and assets, save your marriage by caring for each other.