Top 5 Main Challenges of Inter-caste marriages in India

Top 5 Main Challenges of Inter-caste marriages in India

The number of Inter-religion marriages in India is getting higher as the younger generation is all set to break the walls of caste and community while choosing their life partner. Today’s generation is wise enough to check the compatibility of a spouse on the grounds of education, personality traits, life goals and attitude rather than restricting choice to caste and religion. Times and ideas are changing fast and in metro cities, not only inter-caste love marriage but a few examples of inter-caste arranged marriages can also be seen, however, this number is still very less.

In most of the cases of inter-caste marriage in India, still, the couple has to face a lot of challenges to get approval for marriage. They also have to put in a lot of effort to get accepted by the family and society and to adjust with each other.

Let’s have a look at the top five main challenges of inter-religious marriages in India.

(1) Acceptance by the family

The first and foremost problem of inter-caste marriage in India is acceptance by the family. Firstly Indian parents don’t get convinced easily. Very rare Indian parents happily allow their son / daughter to marry in different castes. Mostly parents and family members are kind of disown their son/daughter who intends to go for inter-caste love marriage. In some cases, parents displeasedly approve of the inter-caste marriage but later they do not accept the couple wholeheartedly. In general, for an inter-religion marriage in India, the family’s approval for the marriage and their annoyance for the bride or groom belonging to different communities places a big challenge for the couple.

(2) Acceptance by the community

The second big challenge for inter-caste marriage in India is the communities’ rigidness for their caste, traditions and rituals. The couple who decided to opt for inter-caste love marriage has to face the brunt of the communities’ disapproval as well. Particularly in rural areas, the community has a great say and impact on people’s lives and decisions and in such places communities unite to ignore and disown the couple as well as their families.

(3) Acceptance by the society

Indian society has deep-rooted beliefs regarding marriage and caste systems. So changing any belief to either of them isn’t easy for the society. Society isn’t very wide and open for inter-caste marriage in India, so they usually don’t like inter-religion marriage. Living without social acceptance is not easy for couples, therefore disapproval and acceptance issues by society are one of the biggest inter-caste marriage problems in India.

(4) Acceptance of each other’s lifestyle

Inter-caste marriage problems in India are not limited to family, community or society, they also have connections with the partners who decided to break the bar of caste to get married. Every caste and community in India has a great influence on the upbringing and personality of its people, so no wonder the lifestyle of inter-caste married couples has a lot of differences. Two persons from different castes have to keep a lot of scope of adjustment and spirit to adapt to new things.

(5) Acceptance of each other’s cultures

Inter-caste marriages in India are opposed by parents because of the difference in the cultures of various communities. Indian families are very firm and protective about their traditions and rituals, so they expect new family members to follow those traditions and rituals unconditionally. Moreover, couples from different cultural backgrounds need to understand the basic culture of their spouse’s family so that they can enjoy each other’s family and do not feel left out.

Challenges of inter-caste marriages are many, but so is the charm of living your life with your love. There are many problems in inter-caste marriage in India, but if the couple has firm faith in each other, all the obstacles and challenges can be conquered. There can be nothing like spending your life with your dream partner, so what if you have to keep some patience and stretch a little to adapt to the new family and family members? Remember the foundation of a hay marriage isn’t the caste it is the care and concern you have for your life partner, so go ahead and break the walls of caste to find your dream partner.