Unique Themes for your Indian Matrimonial Ceremony

Unique Themes for your Indian Matrimonial Ceremony

Theme weddings are getting more and more popular in the Indian matrimonial setting since the last few years. With all its diversity and culture rich ceremony, there are a variety of themes from which brides and grooms can take inspiration from. Especially in an evolving scenario where more people are now open to marrying outside one’s cast or ethnicity, they prefer to opt for a different theme which can either be a blend of two different set of traditions or, adopt an entirely new tradition to bring to the ceremonies uniqueness that will be memorable for the family members and the guests that are attending.

Some popular themes:

The Splendor of Rajasthan – This is a very popular theme among wedding planners. There is a lot one can do in terms of decor, menu, and even activities to create the magic of Rajasthan in your ceremonies.  Event planners can help you understand the traditions and rituals of a traditional Rajasthani wedding and adorn your events with the perfect set of events with Ghoomar Dancers, Katputli Shows and Sarangi Players to create a truly exquisite environment.

The Great Royal Wedding

Get married the way the royals of India would by either creating a palatial environment that transports your guests into the time of the Kings and Queens! There are a number of gorgeous locations across the country in forms of palace hotels and sites which are open for wedding ceremonies. The attire of the bride, groom and family members; the wedding invites etc., can be created to add to the royal feel.

The Bollywood Theme

Evidently the most popular theme in Indian matrimony, there is a lot one can do to execute a Bollywood themed wedding. When one talks about movies, one automatically thinks about a lot of colors, music, dance, fun and frolic. Consider assigning different themes related to Bollywood for each event, where your mehendi ceremony could consist of a wise choice of relevant music, your cocktail and sangeet party could be in the theme of the 70’s and your wedding could emulate famous bollywood weddings.

There is a lot one can do with respect to themes if one put their mind to it. Even with destination weddings getting popular, there are more options for creativity, which help plan a memorable wedding.