Vital Rules for Kundli Matching for Manglik Or Non Manglik Matrimony

Vital Rules for Kundli Matching for Manglik Or Non Manglik Matrimony

Here are 10 golden rules for Kundli Matching:

Rule 1: Kundli Matching for Longevity:

It is essential to check the approximate age of longevity of either party, as the premature death of either party could result in significant pain and unhappiness. So, the charts with too small a lifespan should be summarily rejected with whatever other merits. A competent astrologer can do a horoscope match for marriage so as to ensure a long-lasting marriage.

Rule 2. Kundli Matching for Mental and Psychological health:

Once the chart has been cleared on the longevity account, the next step is to examine the afflictions in the chart, especially, concerning the Ascendant, Moon, and Mercury. Suffering to the Moon and Mercury, if it is strong, results in severe psychological complexes that could affect the healthy life.  One has to analyze the charts and determine the intensity or nature of affliction and check the chart for the tendency of being paranoid, neurotic, or homicidal. This evaluation method is important in Kundli matching for marriage, and should be handled by someone who is a master at it.

Rule 3: Number of Marriages:

After the examination of longevity and sound mental health, the next step,in horoscope matching for marriage, is to look for the factors that show more than one marriage. It is not only that the second marriage could be read but indications for extramarital flings can also be deciphered and could disqualify the chart in the first place.

Rule 4: Checking the Kunli Charts for Affliction to the second House:

The 2nd house is the Kutumb Sthana, where prosperity and parental lineage are seen. A second house which is badly affiliated negates the above essentials of married life. An astrologer following the Vedic rules should not overlook this aspect of Kundli match for marriage.

Rule 5: Checking the Kundli Charts for Affliction to the fourth House:

The Sukh Sthana as it is also known as, the 4th house should be inspected for sufferings. If severely afflicted, it spoils the happiness in the family. There are many laid principles, which have to apply in accessing the affliction to this 4thhouse.

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Rule 6: Checking the Kundli Charts for Distress to the seventh House:

The Kalatra Bhav or 7th house is another important house, which finds a place in these ten golden rules guide, and this has to be adequately evaluated for all the infliction it has. The key to a prosperous and successful marriage can be located here, and if the master deciphering the horoscope is competent enough, it is sure that he evaluates this house efficiently during the horoscope match for marriage process.

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Rule 7: Checking the Kundli Charts for Affliction to the twelvth House:

The Twelfth House is the Shaiya Sukh Sthan. Checking this effectively gives a pleasure-some, bedroom life, and the sexual tribulations are read and negated. In these modern times, when an individual has many friends of both the sexes, it is a way more critical match that has to be necessarily addressed. So, Kundli matching by date of birth has to be accomplished, to ensure that they don’t develop disagreements a few years down the road. In my experience, even the most competent astrologers fail while evaluating this house as an in-depth analysis of this is a taboo in most of the societies.

Rule 8: The Astha Koot Milan:

The Astha Koot Milan is a wholly misunderstood process, which inadvertently is considered as a complete process of Vedic Kundli matching. Many software tools are present on the internet that help you to do Kundli matching for marriage, and evaluate this as the process is entirely mathematical. Nevertheless, it is just one rule in the list of ten rules to be followed. In fact, if deciphering marriage life prediction by date of birth was that easy, each one of you can become astrologers. This mathematical matching, based on Kundli matching by date of birth, is basically Nakshatra-matching, which accounts for 36 points and getting 18 points out of which 36 are considered enough, and the charts are considered compatible to tie the nuptial bond. This is a holistic way of Nakshatra matching and accounts for eight factors which are:

1.Varna: There are four Varnas, and a girl belonging to a higher Varna than that of the boy is not approved, one point is granted if the Varna Koot match.

2.Vashya: This factor shows the mutual attraction between the two and ensures harmony. If this matches, 2 points are granted

3.Tara: Tara Kuta is analyzed, as a part of Kundli match for marriage, for health and relationship compatibility after their marriage. One gets 3 points if this matches.

4.Yoni: This is the physical appetite of each Nakshatra. The Nakshatra belonging to the same group is desirable, and if this matches, then 4 points are granted

5.Graha Maitri: If there is a friendship between the rulers of the Janam Rashis of the boy and the girl, harmony is said to prevail. A score of five is granted, if this matches.

6.Gana: All the Nakshatras are divided into three groups, based on their nature or disposition being divine; those belonging to the same category get along well.  A score of 6 points is given if this matches.

7.Bhakoot: This is dependent on the Janam Rashis or the sign where the Moon is placed. The assessment is made depending upon the mutual disposition of the Janma Rashis of the boy and girl. Seven points are granted if this matches.

8.Nadi: The Nadi Kuta seems to have a special reference to the health of the couple as well as that of their children. If other afflictions are present in the two charts and the Nadi of the boy and girl are in the same group, it has been found that the progeny born to such couples may not be healthy or even normal. Eight points are granted, if this matches.

Most important, by following above mentioned guidelines, the Asthakoot matching is carried out, one of the important steps in horoscope match for marriage. For the Kundli matching for marriage by name and date of birth to be correct, one has to stringently follow the above rules.

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The score for horoscope matching for marriage is well below 18 points in Astha- koot matching?  What would it indicate?

One should understand that even if the score for Kundli match for marriage falls below the acceptable score of 18 points, there are many Vedhas or exceptions, which, if correctly applied, can push the score further up. These Vedhas have to be meticulously applied by someone who is experienced enough to do so. The Bhakoota and Nadi Koota carry 7 and 8 points respectively, and if the principles of Vedhas are applied effectively, then the Charts may get either seven or eight points, and the score could cross the benchmark score of 18. So, if at all, the Asthakoot points are not favoring the natives for marriage, it is a possibility that Vedhas apply.

Rule 9: The Mangalik Dosha Matching:

This is the 9th  golden rule, which has to be applied very carefully, for an appropriate Kundli matching services for marriage. It is mostly misunderstood, and many relations perish before their mighty formation, because….my experience tells that most of the people who live with the understanding that they are Mangliks are, in fact, not at all Mangliks. Reading a horoscope is nothing less than a challenge for some individuals. In such cases, they blatantly attribute all the hiccups in a married life to Mangal.  On questioning the veracity of their claim, they get away by attributing the fault as Anshik Mangalik. Do you think the horoscope match for marriage is done correctly here?

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Rule 10: The Final Sampoorna Vedic Milan:

This is the final straw in the hat, an approach in Kundli matching for marriage; this takes care of the rest of the issues, which are not included in the above description. The sexual compatibility, financial compatibility, family compatibility, and adjustment factor are all seen through this. The tricks to solve these riddle and do the perfect horoscope matching for marriage is known well by a seasoned astrologer. I have explained marriage life prediction by date of birth elaborately in my other write-up.  Finally, the horoscope match for marriage is done after exploring it through the above ten rules. Explained below are the few more things, which are to be explored, as far as Kundli match for marriage, before the final verdict could be passed.