What are the Best Matrimony Sites in India? Complete Guide on Which is the Best Marriage Site

What are the Best Matrimony Sites in India? Complete Guide on Which is the Best Marriage Site

Marriage decisions are extremely important even more than business deals. The future of two people and their families depends only on the decision of whom you are going to marry. Don’t forget that your spouse will be your partner in every moment – ups and downs, happiness and sorrows, illness, success, and failure. So, if you don’t want to regret for the rest of your life, don’t take the matrimony decision lightly. Choose the most suitable match with a trusted marital service ensuring he or she is compatible with you and your family’s needs.

Here is the complete list on what are the best matrimonial sites in India!

  1. Mangliks.com
  2. RVD Matrimonial Services
  3. Bharat Matrimony
  4. Jeevan Sathi
  5. Shaadi.com
  6. Elite Matrimony
  7. WedgateMatrimony .com
  8. SimplyMarry.org
  9. MatrimonialsIndia.com
  10. CommunityMatrimony .com
  11. M4Marry.com

Are Matrimonial Sites Safe?

Today we will talk about what are the best matrimonial sites in India?…So, let’s start!

Wedding is a sacred organization for all Indians, here only two do not come together, but two families also, together. And every region, religion, and caste in India follows various traditions and rituals in their marriage. But most Indian households like arranged marriages in their own community. With the advent of the internet, many Indian matrimonial sites have come up to assist eligible people find their life partners online.

The internet acuity generation today searching for their better half on matrimony websites. Many marriage websites are accessible which have successfully made many Jodi’s online. Lots of divorcee couples have also met by these free second marriage marital sites.

Some of the best matrimonial sites provide personalized Indian matchmaking services with complete privacy to the members. Permitted brides and grooms can directly register on these free matrimonial sites, and search for their desirable life partner. These sites have a big database that suits your liking and assists you choose your life partner. Disrespecting the language, community, or caste, these free marriage sites have suitable matches for everyone.

Here’s a review of the Top 10 Best Matrimony sites in India


Manglik.com is one of the leading Online Matrimonial Portal for Manglik in India. We believe in making people find happiness by providing a simple, safe and secure matchmaking portal. We have more than 100,000+ manglik profiles through which you can browse through and find your perfect partner. We also provide Kundli Matching services exclusively for the Mangliks.

RVD Matrimonial Services

RVD Matrimonial Services is one of the best matchmaking and most trusted marital services in India. There you will get a 100% secure and trusted matrimony site with advanced features. They gave all-inclusive biodata profiles, subscription plans, uninterrupted support, expert counselling, online and offline support, Kundali matching, full privacy, etc.

Bharat Matrimony

It is one of the most famous matrimonial sites in India and provides difficult competition to other sites. Bharat Matrimony provides online matrimony in many Indian languages for various states and religions in India, together with South zones. They provide separate services for people from various communities like Marwari, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, and South Indian communities. They also have an unrelated division of divorce marital sites.

Jeevan Sathi

Jeevan Sathi requires a bring-up here as it is one of the most suitable platforms among Hindi matrimony sites in India. They have a huge database of verified profiles of suitable brides and grooms across various castes. Jeevansathi has been in the matchmaking field for many years and hence is absolutely famous among Indian communities for their fantastic service and prompt reactions for the registered members.


Shaadi.com is one of the oldest and world’s largest marital services assisting millions of people to search for their partner and bind them into a blissful marriage. It has to its credit hundreds of success stories. One can read these stories of the happy couples and their recommendation directly on the marital website.

Elite Matrimony

Another famous Indian matrimonial site is Elite Matrimony which is thought among the best matrimonial sites in India. As the name put forward, Elite matrimony is an entire matchmaking service for the wealthy and well-to-do. This matrimony website focuses on helping the affluent upper class who are different in their taste and style. They have a selective database of wealthy and well-off profiles from around the world.

All the top Indian marital sites have up-to-date search features to assist you to search for your partner with much simplicity and comfort. So what are you waiting for? Just register yourself on one of these best Indian matrimony and search for your perfect someone from the large database of registered members.


Making happy and successful marriages for more than 12 years, Wedgate Matrimony is assisting 600+ walk-in clients daily. Their major objective is to make their clients their family members by giving personal touch more than acting as a protocol-bound matrimonial firm.


Assisting people search a suitable and ideal match for the wedding since 2006 December, SimplyMarry.com defined as the one of the first “Metrimonial” site in India. They’ve managed many Swyamvars across the country for consistent featured communities and other groups.


It was came into motion in the year 1997, Matrimonialsindia.com is India’s evolving matrimonial website. An ample database of lakhs of profiles of NRIs, foreign, and India contingent brides and grooms has put them among the foremost players in the India Matrimonial market. The search for a perfect match can be done easily based on profession, mother tongue, city, state, caste, NRI, and religion.


With 140+ matrimonial branches across the nation, CommunityMatrimony.com is India’s largest matrimonial service for communities. You can go for the actual and quick search of your mate with the CommunityMatrimony app available on the App store and Google play. It is recognized for its 300+ portals for different communities worldwide.


Being a thriving matrimonial sites in India, M4Marry .com has fast hit the matrimony market by obtaining millions of trusted members within a short span. They believe that marriage is not only about 2 people, but their families as well. Therefore, they assist in finding the right partner and family too.

Are Matrimonial Sites Safe?

Another question raises whether matrimonial sites are safe? Finding the right partner is not easy task. When nothing works, a lot of us pin our hope on matrimonial sites that assure to unite soulmates in just a “click”. Actually, such sites look to have all the answers prepared – all a person requires to do is create an account and check the profiles of other people who are registered in the same site and are searching for a partner. No matter how sorted things might look like on a marital site, not everything should be taken for granted. Most of us are aware of incidents about how people were defrauded by prospective partners they met by matrimonial sites. Still, misfortune can be avoided if certain precautions are maintained while searching for a life partner on matrimonial site.

Here are some points you should keep in mind with matrimonial site

Check the reliability of the site

Before proceeding with any matrimonial site, check the credibility of the site because the virtual world is filled with such type of sites. If possible talk to a few people who might have found their partners through marital sites and get their advice.

Background check of the person

Remember, there is a line “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Here the meaning of the line is don’t be deceived by their profile descriptions because those are the words only without an iota of truth. Before you meet the person, do an in-depth background check – you can check his or her profile on social media accounts, check if you have any common connection, try to verify if the information provided by the person is same or not like job. related, educational related information.

  1. Always meet in public places.
  2. Be cautious if the person tries to get too personal.
  3. Never entertain any requests for money.