What Is Kundli? Role Of Different Planets In Horoscope

What Is Kundli? Role Of Different Planets In Horoscope

Sometimes the reason rises in our mind What is Kundli and why is it necessary. This is a manually generated horoscope based on your signs. The unbelievable facts about the daily horoscope, astrological truths, future prediction, marriage-matching, and many other related pieces of information. This is very essential before getting joined up with someone. Thus we know what is Kundli is essential and what is it’s important. In Hindu marriage it is considered extremely auspicious to check horoscope for marriage-matching.

Kundli-matching is implemented and hence on account of marriage matching, it is decided whether a marriage ceremony is started in the future or not. The traditional approach to marriages emphasizes horoscope matching. Here are some reasons that you know about the role of zodiac matching in marriage compatibility.

Role of different planets in horoscope

If you know that each planet has its specific characteristics. Sometimes when it conjoins with another planet, it may lose its original strength under the shadow of other planets. It is essential how the role and importance of each planet change at the different stages of life. Here are:


We can say that the Sun is the soul of all planets and the individual as well. To show how a person projects himself onto the world. It represents energy and authority; a weak Sun can make a person more confident. Maybe it is helping your career and occupation, but not when you deal with personal relationships.


This planet symbolizes courage, passion, bravely, strength and confidence. Sometimes it’s aspects of life, you don’t need all this equally. With the help of Mars, it affects your career and occupation but can adversely affect your married life.


It describes the mind, acts as the mother of all, imparts love, peace of mind, positivity, and feelings. With the help of a strong Moon, all phases of a person’s life are good. If you have a weak Moon can bring troubles like fluttering mind or even depression.


This planet represents love, relationship, romance, beauty, relations, be it with the spouse in business associates. If you know a good Venus is an entity for your professional life. Venus helps you on the stage you need support.


It represents speech, intelligence, grasping power, alertness, and logic. With the help of us find these qualities in our soulmates. Mercury shows the individual’s behavior and qualities. It plays a big role in marital compatibility. We can say that Mercury plays a significant role throughout life, it assumes more significance during the early stage of education.


So it proves that the Kundli matching is essential for marriage compatibility. In this blog, we know what is Kundali and its significance in every marriage matching. Here are some steps that help you know more about the role of the horoscope in horoscope.