What is manglik dosha

What is Effect of Manglik Dosh on your Life?

This is one of the most talked about topic when it comes Indian astrology especially when it comes to deciding a shaadi. In the process of manglik match making and Kundli matching, even if all the attributes match and there is a Manglik dosh in either of brides and Grooms Kundli, The marriage of such people is considered inappropriate and in some conservative society it is even considered inauspicious.

Effects of Manglik & Khuja dosh

What is manglik dosha?
What is manglik dosha? Will you make a perfect couple, if your horoscopes match?

Manglik Dosh can cause the following effects :

  • Delay in marriage
    • Problems in married life
      • Disputes and Quarrel in married life
        • Divorce
          • Mismatch in way of thinking and opinions
            • Death of spouse

Mangal Dosha Analysis • Manglik Calculator

Manglik dosha is one of the major deciding factor in Hindu Shaadi. A manglik marrying a non-manglik is considered disastrous which can even lead to death of one’s partner.

If Are you manglik? Do you have Manglik dosha in your horoscope? Use this manglik dosha calculator to check the presence of mangal dosh in your birth chart.

Apart from this Manglik dosh and Khuja Dosh can also lead to delay in some important aspects of life like

Education, Profession, Progress in Career, Child Birth etc.
Even if you match two yog and they have Manglik dosh it is recommended that they should be of the same level.
  • Kumbh Marriage: As per this ritual, the Manglik person marries banana tree, Pee-pal tree or the idol of Lord Vishnu.
    • Fasting: Mangliks are also advised to fast on Tuesday . Mangliks should consume Toor Daal.
      • Chanting Mantras: Reciting Navgrah mantra or Mangal mantra on Tuesday can reduce the impact. Reciting Gayatri mantra 108 times a day is also effective.
        • Gemstones: Mangliks are advised to wear red coral gold ring on the ring finger of right hand.
          • Marriage after 28: Mangliks should get married after the age of 28 , it is believed that the effect of this dosh lowers down with the age.

What is Mangal dosha or Kuja Dosh?

Manglik dosha or kuja dosha and chovva dosham is the combination in the birth chart or horoscope where Mars is placed in the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house in the Ascendant. A person with Manglik dosh in his natal chart is called Manglik. Mars is considered malefic when it is positioned in any of the mentioned houses and it leads to tensions, dissatisfaction and disasters in married life.

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