Why Matrimony Sites are favored by the Youth of Today

Why Matrimony Sites are favored by the Youth of Today

There are about 105 successfully operating matrimony sites in India and there are 41 million internet users and 62% of them are under the age of 28. Last five years have witnessed a smooth annual growth of 30% of online matrimony sites and have brought up major changes in the aspects of marriage. Almost 50% of the Indian youth looking to marry loves to register on the matrimonial sites.

Filtering of profile searches

Various well known matrimony sites such as Mangliks and many more are applying 15 or more advanced filters to their search criteria on the basis of various parameters such as education, occupation, caste, religion, region, caste, sub caste, drinking habits, eating habits and many more. They give the end users the appropriate and exact choices to look out for perfect brides or groom that helps them for perfect match making.

Matrimony Sites are Safe and Secure

Matrimony sites in India such as www.mangliks.com keep the profile information for brides and grooms very secret. They even organize the proper chatting between the prospects that keeps everything secret and don’t disclose to others. The registered members can share or exchange contacts and look out further communication, you may say to know about the families and many more details. Every thing is kept surely safe and secure in the matrimonial sites.

Mobile Apps

The matrimony sites in India have lived up to the expectation of the end users and brought up significant improvement by customizing their matrimonial services for the mobile apps. The people can register and enjoy all the facilities of online matrimonial sites using mobile apps. The matrimonial mobile apps are developed for all sorts of mobile platforms such as android, iPhone and windows application. This means that the youth of India can browse through all sorts of perfect profiles for brides and grooms sitting at their office, home, gym, markets and anywhere else.


All the matrimony sites in India such as Mangliks that operate successfully have both the paid membership plan and the free membership. The paid membership plan offers you the advanced features and assisted services in your way to search out the perfect life partner for you.

You may also opt for free membership and register free to search out for all sorts of profiles for Indian brides and grooms for free on the basis of all the filtering parameters as discussed above. Each filter gives you thousands of profiles per search.

Matrimony sites such as Mangliks and many more also provide the quick search options where you may search for all sorts of profiles for brides and grooms whether Manglik or Non Manglik at very short time.

The Misconception of Sales Persons troubling the customers

There is a misconception that the sales persons of matrimony sites are troubling the end users by repeated calling which is completely false. The end users are contacted by these online matrimonial when there is proper recommendations and updates that are matching their criteria of choices