Why We Love Matrimonial Sites (And You Should Too!)

Why We Love Matrimonial Sites (And You Should Too!)

After the last statistical survey, it was found that there were more than 100 matrimonial sites successfully operating in India. There are currently close to 40 million Internet users in the country, and almost 60% of them are under the age of 27. 50% of the youth in India who are looking for marriage now register for matrimonial sites.

Last five years has seen an staggering annual growth of 130% of matrimonial sites, and they have changed the whole dating and marriage landscape – for the better. Here are the features of matrimonial sites that we love so much …

A click to success

The best thing about most matrimonial sites like Mangliks.com, Thirtyplusshaadi.com, Govtshaadi.com, etc., is their simplicity. All the sections are structured so that you can access to the widest pool of potential life partners with just one click of your mouse. Each search on Thirtyplusshaadi.com will get you at least 200 responses even if you have placed a number of filters. This kind of exposure is hard to get even with a very experienced marriage middleman.

Mobile Apps

True to the modern adage “if it exists, it must have an app,” the Indian matrimonial sites were quick to adapt them and bring up a mobile customized app for their users. Different websites have named their mobile app differently but the purpose is the same – helping young, on-the-move urban India in finding their life partner as conveniently as possible. Mangliks.com has both an android and Windows phone app that can be downloaded for a nominal fee. Meanwhile, Thirtyplusshaadi.com and Govtshaadi.com have only android apps. In Govtshaadi.com, the app is free to be downloaded on android devices. The presence of an app means that now young India can carry on their search for their perfect life partner from their office, bus, supermarket, home, gym – basically anywhere.

Free, free, free…

All the leading matrimonial sites of India like BharatMatrimony, Shaadi.com and Jeevansaathi.com have paid membership plans which include a lot of advanced features. However, even if you do not want to spend money on them, you can opt for free membership. In free membership too you can browse through a whole bunch of profiles and actually get access to lots of potential partners who meet most of your criteria. You can express interest in paid members’ profiles too and that too without shelling out a single buck!!! SimplyMarry is the Mecca for free profile making and match searching as most of its features including phone number exchange are free.

Filtering and specifications of search

BharatMatrimony, Shaadi.com and JeevanSaath, each offer the opportunity to place 10-15 filters on your partner search. Right from basic filters of caste, community, age, and income to specific ones like “interest in travelling,” “teetotaler,” “non-smoker,” etc., it’s up to you how specific you want to be. This facility called deep filtering will allow you to find someone exactly matching your perceptions of the perfect match.

Privacy Protection

India has still not changed in many respects. Some percentage of the youth is still conservative and not completely aligned to the dating scene. Here, dating is often done with the purpose of finding a suitable life partner, and it’s often kept discreet. The leading matrimonial sites have catered successfully to this latent need by offering complete privacy protection. You will have the choice of keeping your phone number secret till the time you want to. In SimplyMarry.com, you can actually exchange phone numbers and email ids in a secret messaging service, if you like each other.

In both Shaadi.com and BharatMatrimony, you have the option of blocking out people with whom you do not want to interact. The whole search process including your profile details and personal information can be kept secret until the time you choose to reveal them.