Wife Prediction in Astrology: How to Predict your Spouse in Astrology?

Wife Prediction in Astrology: How to Predict your Spouse in Astrology?

Prediction about the wife or husband is one of the most anticipated things people want to know with the help of astrology. The basic astrological rules tell us about the kind of wife we may get. But how to correctly predict about your wife from your Birth Chart. There are thousands of different possibilities regarding your future life partner. Then how those few astrological rules can tell the hidden secrets regarding your wife.

In this article, I will tell you why the general astrological rule for predicting about husband fails in so many cases. And what is the core astrological philosophy behind those predictions a common person should know?

Introduction to Wife Prediction

The very basic rule in marriage forecast is that a good planet will increase your chances for a satisfactory married life and can get you a desired wife. Whereas a bad planet decreases your chances for a good marriage. Sometimes it can even increase the difficulties in getting married and getting a good husband.

Let’s see, in Vedic astrology, what are the good and the bad planets for the marriage horoscope. In the table below we have divided the planets as per their natural ability to do good or bad for a Marriage horoscope.

Good planetBad planet
MoonRahu and Ketu

7th house and planets

The 7th house is the prime significate of marriage and conjugal life partner. All the naturally benefic planets like Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Moon should give good indications regarding married life and marriage partner when they have any kind of connections with the 7th house. And all the naturally bad planets like Mars, Saturn, Sun, Rahu and Ketu as per vedic astrology should cause disturbance in married life and happiness from husband. This is a very basic and general rule for a simple marriage forecast in astrology.

But the prophetic experience of any knowledgable astrologer will suggest that those simple rules are not so simple in their applications. As I said before there are thousands of possibilities for your husband, then how those small set of rules will give you a very clear method to predict your future wife.

What are the basic astrological rules regarding marriage and Spouse Predictions?

Rules for a well behaved and dutiful wife:

  1. Jupiter is the planet that gives a loyal and dutiful wife who has good behavior when Jupiter is in the 7th house.
  2. A strong Moon in 7th house gives a loving wife who is emotionally attached to her husband.
  3. An unharmed Venus gives a very beautiful wife.
  4. A good Mercury in the seventh house can give youthful appearances to a wife.

Rules for obstruction to marriage or delayed marriage:

  1. Saturn is the planet of delay. When Saturn is in 7th house it can delay marriage. Saturn normally gives a late marriage. In the worst cases, Saturn can delay the marriage so long that a marriageable age has passed.
  2. Mars is an aggressive planet that rules fights and disputes. Hence Mars is not suitable for the harmonious environment of the 7th house. Mars is also not so good for the acts like building a relationship and running a marriage. This is Mars causes a Mangal dosha in seventh house.
  3. The seventh house is the place where the Sun is not so comfortable. This is what we have learned in astrology that the Sun is a King and the 7th house is the market. The King doesn’t like to go to the market. Sun also contributes towards delaying the marriage when it is in the 7th house.
  4. Rahu and Ketu as we have learned are the karmic planets. They hold your karmic baggage. Therefore, Rahu and Ketu are the most unpredictable planets in Vedic astrology. An astrologer cannot say what Rahu or Ketu in your 7th house of horoscope might bring to your life without the proper context of the entire birth chart.

How to predict your wife by birth chart?

The essence of making any kind of forecast with the help of Indian astrology is to know:

  1. What we are trying to look for?
  2. How it relates to external circumstances?
  3. What clues you can get from your birth chart or kundli?

Navamsa chart and Marriage horoscope.

To get a more clear picture regarding predicting future wife or husband. We had one more question to solve. The questions of the Navamsa chart. Why Navamsa chart is so important in marriage prediction and in knowing about the characteristic of the future husband?

After all the Navamsa chart is nothing but a more insightful derived chart of the 9th house. But don’t we care more about the 7th house and the 7th lord for our forecast case.

Here is what is needed to be understood.

The philosophy of astrological predictions is the answer.

Yes is true that spouse and marriage predictions are the subject of 7th house. But if we understand it from depth. We will know that the kind of marriage partner we will get depends much on our luck than our free will. Because if you never come across a desired life partner, it is hard to say that you will get such a partner. It does not matter if yours is an arranged marriage or a love marriage.

The 9th house is the house that tells about our fortune and our destiny. So what we do is, instead of looking at the Saptamsa chart, which is a divisional chart derivative of the 7th house, we look at the Navamsa chart, the divisional chart of the 9th house.