10 Secrets of a Happy Marriage

10 Secrets of a Happy Marriage

We tried to save money on our wedding so we did a lot of the work and utilized the skills of family and friends. The day before the wedding, as I took our wedding cake out of the oven, I finally had the thought, “Maybe I’m doing too much work on my wedding.”

While weddings can be stressful and take a ton of work, the marriage that comes after takes a lot more.

Your story is waiting to happen!

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This is especially true if you desire to have a marriage that is lasting and strong.

  1. Dream a Dream
    If you want your marriage to grow and to be its best, you and your husband need to create a vision for it and your life together.
  2. Get Tough
    Marriage takes a lot of work, and a couple must be willing to fully commit to making the marriage strong.
  3. Maximize the Trust Factor
    Learn how to be truthful and trustworthy for your husband, and how to trust him in return.
  4. Get Healthy
    Marriages have a much greater chance of being successful if both people are emotionally healthy. If one or both of you have personal issues or an unhealthy self-concept, consider seeing a counselor.
  5. Work on Chemistry
    Keep the romance strong in your marriage. Discover the reasons you fell in love with each other and build on those.
  6. Learn to Talk
    Communication is invaluable in a strong marriage. Take the time to learn good communication skills and use them in your relationship.
  7. Work it Through
    Even in the best marriages, conflict will happen. The key to getting through the tough times is to learn the skills of conflict resolution and to come up with a strategy in your marriage.
  8. Negotiate a Mutually Satisfying Sexual Relationship
    Both you and your husband need to be willing to work on this aspect of your relationship. Dr. Warren makes several recommendations, including buying a book on marital sex, seeking counseling if needed and improving communication.
  9. Get Connected
    Although children can be a drain on a marriage relationship, they can also be the source of joy if their role is viewed correctly.
  10. Pursue Spirituality
    Spiritual intimacy in marriage is another great step toward marital fulfillment.