What Do Men Think of Getting Married?

What Do Men Think of Getting Married?

What do men think of getting married? Here at the WWW.MANGLIKS.COM, we are all wedding freaks, but it is also true that about 92% of our team consists of women, so unfortunately we can not come up with an answer to this question.

Nevertheless, every woman has already wondered: what do men think of marrying? Curious about what men thinks of getting married? Quickly scroll through!

What do men think of getting married?

Every women looking for a perfect lifepartner want to know that what do men think of marrying her? Let me go straight to the door at least men have mixed feelings about the concept. We do not suspect that this is a very surprising statement. Men are basically, as we all know, a tad more down-to-earth than women. They often look at things from the rational side.

Men come from Mars, women from Venus?

This is a famous statement but when it comes to the subject of marriage, it works completely different. This can not be approached rationally. When the question comes casually and especially casual: “Say, how are you actually marrying?” Then we reply in a rehearsed rap tempo that we are positive about this. But actually we see it pretty much against it. This is the first time we have found out that our brains have not been programmed correctly. Perhaps it is fairer to say that the average man has a love-hate relationship with the concept of marriage.

Getting married is a holy institution, right?

We come into direct conflict with ourselves. We know very well that marrying is a sacred institution for you. We know that you have dreamed about it for a long time. We know it is bigger than a wedding because it is all about choosing each other unconditionally. In good and bad days, for better and for worse. In sickness and in health for richer and poorer till death do us part.

Getting Married – Practical vs. Romantic

Keeping things unconditionally, but can that be done statistically? Now you know it. There the shoe pinches. The unconditional and infinite to the whole wedding vow. This creates a conflict in our heads. We know that we love you with all our heart. We want to let the whole world know that we are meant for each other. We want to connect ourselves to you through the law. We also want to show proof of this every day by wearing a ring. Well, I do not, but on average we agree with it. All this despite the fact that we know that the statistics do not look very rosy.

Marital conditions

While we are planning for it, our thoughts go quite quickly, and from the heel on the branch, wandering to all kinds of practical things. Are we getting married in community of goods or under marital conditions? Do you dare to say that marital conditions are by far the least romantic but actually the best option? If we thought men and women do not like it anymore each other could differ then we were wrong. When the subject of marrying is on the table, the bride’s ratio is maintained by mode (until after the honeymoon). An honest discussion about the marital conditions is more difficult than explaining to a toddler that eating vegetables is really wise. This relationship never breaks down so what can we and our assets do? Nothing. Until the moment that in almost 50% of the cases it goes wrong and then the fighting and crying is blown, we think.

Financial considerations

Then our thoughts fast forwarded to the wedding party, the food, the drunkenness and the honeymoon. At the moment the high yes-word is out, we still think we can get away with a small wedding with an intimate character close to home with good but simple food and drinks. To conclude with a nice trip to the sun is nothing crazy. We estimate this accordingly: small and simple. So many men still look weird when a fist-thick scenario ends up on the dining table containing all the wishes and requirements for the wedding party. We feel the fear of taking a second mortgage. What many men do not know is that you have built in a lot of extras in this scenario. Just so that the man can negotiate it in a combative way. What is left at the bottom of the line? Exactly the wedding that you have had in mind since you were fourteen.

In the end, the romance always wins! Because You love each other

Looks it is clear by now. As soon as we are confronted with getting married, we quickly fall into a whole lot of practical hassle, rules and consequences. But if the storm has fallen into our heads. If all compromises are closed, if all cost items have been approved, if we find out that you also find it a bit exciting and scary, and we will find you a very good idea. Then that 50% failure rate does not apply to us. Then marrying in community of goods will ultimately only be about unimportant matter and we will stand proudly as a peacock next to you in suit next to that very expensive wedding dress and we live for a long time and at least till death do us part. Mangliks.com is a great marriage matrimony site. We hope our tips help you to find your perfect grooms.

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