12 things nerds do when they approach girls

12 things nerds do when they approach girls

Being immersed in books and their own little flights of thought comes easily to nerds. But ask them to approach a girl, and WHAM! They don’t know how to even begin. But when they push themselves and actually do it, the results are pretty hilarious. Not necessarily for them.

1. Leave, before even approaching

Gather courage to face a girl either on the spur of the moment or when their friends push them to do it, but back off before uttering a single syllable.

2. Freak out and get jammed!!!!!!!

Get really freaked out if it’s an overly attractive girl – know not a thing on what to say or how to react. Seems easier to just freeze.

3. Blab cluelessly

Because of fear or excitement, blab on endlessly, yet have no clue of what they are talking about.

4. Pretend to be cool and end up looking crazy!!

Compensate for their lack of social skills by putting in a lot of effort to appear ‘cool’. Which of course, ends up looking crazy.

5. Be real and tell her how much your life sucks.

Can’t pretend anymore about their miserable social life and end up telling the girl their sorry tale.

6. Act all cool and metaphysical and end up looking gay!!!

Get friend-zoned and gay-zoned permanently by doing ‘abnormal’ things to impress a girl

7. Over-excited

Get really excited in the midst of conversation and over-react or completely misread the situations…..Not Cool at all!

8. Try to woo a lady by showing their hidden talents

Try to impress the girl using their “hidden” talents, which were better off being, well, HIDDEN!

9. Pick up lines. Not just for jerks but also for nerds…

Yes, even nerds use their own version of pickup lines which can be pretty disturbing for the average lady.

10. Let your eyes talk on your behalf

Warning: When the mouth can’t work, they may put their facial expressions to work, with unknown results.

11. Pass out

Not having dealt any adrenaline in their entire adult life, when things start working OR going downhill, it’s too much to handle and they pass out!

12. Back off after realizing the girl is way out of their league

When they feel that they stand no chance with the girl in question, they might leave without giving it a go.

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