5 reasons why you should write old-fashioned love letters

5 reasons why you should write old-fashioned love letters

My parents met for the first time on their wedding day. Theirs was a different time and age, when you did what your parents thought was best for you, no questions asked. Fast forward a few years, with my dad living in one city and mom in another, due to necessity. They used to write each other old-fashioned letters, written in pen on blue inland letters, and sent across the state via the snail mail, the trusty India Post.

They’ve both kept every one of them, and sometimes they re-read them for old times’ sake. Nothing beats the old-fashioned letters – not the uninspiring emails, not the unromantic texts, nor the unsentimental WhatsApp messages.

Here are five reasons why you should abandon the modern ways and go for the old-fashioned love letter:

1. Getting surprise mail is the best

While your loved one is picking up the mail, expecting a host of bills to be paid, imagine their surprise when they discover that it’s actually a letter! It’ll surely make their day.

2. You get to see their handwriting

In the increasingly digitized world that we live in, we don’t know what someone’s handwriting looks like. It is said that a person’s handwriting shows what they were feeling while penning those words – happy, sad, emotional or just plain crazy!

3. You can’t delete a love letter

Unlike emails, texts and photos, you can’t delete an actual, physical letter. There is something very romantic in the power of the written word. Written words are eternal; it’s not dumped in your inbox in a forgotten folder, or floating off in the Internet ether. You can have it in your hands and pore over it whenever you feel like it. Believe me, you’ll feel closer to the person who has written it to you.

4. It demands your full attention

Whether it’s reading or writing a love letter, it demands your full attention. The person who wrote it has penned their innermost thoughts for you to read, and that kind of dedication requires nothing less than your entire attention. You have to set aside your digital screens to read through it in its entirety.

5. You get to know their language

You’ll get to know how expressive they are – to the point, with no frills, or a romantic poet in the making, or just too mushy for your taste.

Would you give up emails and get back to the old-fashioned love letters? Tell us in the comments.