3 Most Important Traditions and Rituals for a Successful Hindu Marriage

3 Most Important Traditions and Rituals for a Successful Hindu Marriage

Marriages are meant to be cherished for a lifetime. Both love and arranged marriages are valued equally. But, if you have registered with any matrimonial website, it is because you are in search of a prospective bride and groom. Many persons look for an Indian bride or groom and register for the Hindu marriage bureau in Delhi. So, if you are amongst them, then you must get to know the traditions and customs.

Indian Hindu weddings are filled with vibrant and colorful rituals. This is one of the most eventful occasions and nothing less than a festival.

So, if you are going to be a part of a Hindu family, then you must follow three core rituals during the wedding, and these are –

Haldi ceremony

This ritual is done equally in both bride and groom’s families. Both are bathed with turmeric, water, and oil mix. This is considered to be an auspicious occasion. In ancient days, it was believed that turmeric would render glowing and radiant skin before the wedding.

Saat Pheras around the Holy Fire

The concept of saat phere is not unknown to the world. It is performed by both bride and groom where they have to move around the holy fire, chanting hymns as directed by the priest. They have to take seven vows and complete the Saat Phere around the holy fire.

Sacred Thread or Mangalsutra

It is the most auspicious event where the groom ties a holy thread around the bride’s neck. During this ritual, the beads in the sacred thread are blessed by mantras. And, it is believed to strengthen the bond between husband and wife. This marks the event that the couple would be accepted as husband and wife from the time onwards.

Traditional Hindu marriages believe that it is the complete responsibility of the women upon which the peace and prosperity of the house depend. So, most of the rituals are performed at the bride’s place. However, there are also rules and responsibilities that both the families, especially the parents, need to maintain during the marriage.

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