5 Reasons to get married

5 Reasons to get married

Everyone thinks about getting married at some point in their lives, and many go ahead and do it. Getting married is once in a lifetime decision for many people. When people wish to get married, invariably all of them expect a long term relationship. Very few would think of marriage as a short-term exercise. Getting married is a huge step. If you are not sure whether you are ready to take that big step, these 5 reasons to get married will help you decide.

5 Reasons to get married
5 Reasons to get married

Found that one person for you

The top reason to get married is because you found that one person who is perfect for you. You found the person you want to live the rest of your life with. This person you feel is marriage material. That is a real reason to get married.


Romance makes a great reason to get married. You can kiss or hug your partner whenever you want. If you want to hold hands, you can. The respect and commitment that come with a formal marriage can enhance the romantic value of the couple’s relationship. After you are married, you will see the romance blossom.


Raising a family together is perhaps the most intimate relationship of all. It’s not easy to bring children into the world, you have to settle down and have a family. After getting married, you can start having a family together. This is a great reason to get married.

Household support

It is easier to hold up the household when you are married. You will have shared duties, and you are not stuck doing everything alone. After all, sharing a home means that both of you have invested in a future together.


People who are married live an average of 10 years longer than those who are not married. It may be linked to the fact that most married people have lots of love and attention and of course health coverage. So get married and you will live longer and be healthier.

After reading these reasons, you may be able to come to a decision about whether you want to marry, and when you should do so.