5 Things Men Should Know About Women

5 Things Men Should Know About Women

Men and women are totally opposite in terms of their choices about many things in life. They have different taste in food, art, music, colors, sports, cinema and life. But as the famous saying goes opposite does attract. No matter how conflicting the relation between a man and woman can get, still they would tear the world apart to be with each other.

No force in this world can keep a man from meeting another woman. The irony that lies here is that whenever a survey is being done on similar aspects between men and women hardly any similarity comes out as the result. Mostly such survey finds out about differences of opinion, taste and interests.

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Here are few pointers that make men afraid of their opposite counterparts:-

1. The Slow Effect

A woman can become very patient when it comes to getting her man’s attention. She shows a tremendous force of determination in planning and executing a long term plan for reaching her goal. Women tend to use ‘vulnerability’, their best bait to lure men into their net. It is known to all self-aware men that coming out from that particular trap can be quite tricky at times. Matrimonial sites can be helpful in keeping a person from falling into such traps, which provide both men and women permanent bonds for life.

2. Shop Till They Drop

There is no doubt that men want their women to look good. Who does not want to flaunt a beautifully dressed woman? It takes a lot of pain for women to look good. They have to do intensive market scrutiny to find out the best clothes in town to look special. What could be the best way of spending some time with the loved and getting approval of the man it is meant for? Men loathe going out shopping with women, as it takes so much time. The main problem that occurs here is to choose the right kind of robe from the other.

3. The Buddy Up

A Woman wants to take full control of her man’s life disguised as his best friend. She likes to think that she can change the man for a better and perfect man. But the scariest point is that, does that man really deserve constant nagging for changing things which are deemed correct by another human being?

4. Going way too far

Women tend to go way too far in grabbing the eyeballs of their beloved men. Sometimes they just keep on showing that they are dating other persons or going out with random people. But in reality they are head over heels in love with their dream man. They do these silly things in order to make their loved ones jealous.

5. Swear to God

When a woman is angry with the man in her life, she just crosses the limits of verbal assault. She uses very demeaning and derogatory words to describe and justify her fit of anger. It becomes very hard to calm down a woman of wrath.

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