5 Ways to Strengthen Your Intuition

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Intuitions

Do you believe that you can know without knowing? If you answer to this is yes, then you exactly know where we are headed to. Intuitions are something we all have within ourselves, but we often neglect it. Your subconscious mind is in charge of your intuitions that heads you in the right direction. Intuition is not magic or psychic ability, it’s the connection between your mind, body, and soul.

Intuition is when a mother just knows that something is bothering her child even if he is smiling. Intuition is when you get in a crowded train and sense danger. Though our inner voice is something we should follow, we are always discouraged to shut it and trust the advice of elders, teachers, bosses, and religious and political leaders. Our Intuition is something we should trust instead of taking important decisions like choosing a life partner but all we do is end up seeking opinions of other people involved in the decision making.

Marriage is the most important decision of your life. Even if you have all the required details of your to-be- partner, they still are not enough to decide if that person is worth spending your entire life with. During such a situation you can trust your intuitions. No one knows if the person is best for you than yourself.

We have distanced our intuition so much that we have lost our intuitive abilities. Here are five ways to listen to your intuition and begin to trust yourself again.

Paying attention to your gut

This might seem very obvious, but this is the basic approach towards strengthening your intuitive abilities. Every time you are in a situation where you need to decide what to do next, choose the first option that springs into your mind.

For example, if you are asked for a date by a guy and you are not sure if he is right for you, without overthinking trust your intuition. It is not easy but with practice, you will be able to hear your inner voice clearer.

Tune in to the world

Be aware of what is going around you every single moment. Pay attention to how your body reacts to a particular situation or a person. If you do not feel comfortable around a person your family chose for you as your partner, take that as a warning. Strengthening your intuition is a tough task but gaining confidence to make decisions this way will help your future.

Nourish your creativity

It is always good to involve yourself in creative activities. Creativity helps you build a strong relationship with your subconscious mind. When you are in sync with the inner as well as the outer world you will be able to trust your intuition may it be about a new relationship that you have dived into or a marriage that is on the verge of shattering.

Deepen your intuition through meditation

In order to have access to your intuition, you should deepen your connections to it through meditation. You do not have to sit for long hours meditating, you can start with 10 minutes a day. Meditation also helps you remain calm and cut out unnecessary distractions from your mind which will help you focus better on your intuition. While you get multiple thoughts about your partner which makes it unable for you to decide which one to choose, meditation will help you sharpen your intuitive skills.

Explore your spirituality

Spirituality is an important part of any intuitive journey. Spend some time in prayer and put your trust in god. Prayers can sometimes let yourself go deep inside and help you experience the divinity within you.

Strengthening your intuition will help you transform your life. It is a powerful force that will help you make the best choices in your relationship all you need to do is trust it.