Biggest and Famous 7 Wedding Trends In India 2023

Biggest and Famous 7 Wedding Trends In India 2023

A marriage unites two people who grew up with the same cultural belief system. And, when it comes to marriage, couples and their families want everything to be perfect. It is just like a 3-4 days gala where near and dear ones come to have a unforgettable time with you.

For couples getting ready to reunite together, follow these popular wedding trends.

Find here list of Top 7 Wedding Trends in India 2023

  1. Wedding Destination is a Popular Choice
    Couples are more willing to travel to far-off destinations and celebrate their wedding against a backdrop of picturesque views. A lot of celebrities are following this trend and getting the perfect photographs clicked. Goa, Jaipur, and Udaipur are popular Indian wedding destinations while you can also choose for Bali, Abu Dhabi, and Thailand as international wedding destinations.
  2. Pre and Post-Wedding Shoots
    Couples love daylight pre and post-wedding photoshoots. This trend is increasing in popularity. While getting their beautiful, romantic, and unforgettable photos clicked in the natural light, couples breathe in the fresh air and spend quality time together.
  3. OTT Décor Pieces
    Going fashionable with OTT and extravagant décor pieces will give you a vibe of Alice in Wonderland. You can get the decor customized based on your wishes.
  4. Homegrown Bridalwear Brands
    When it comes to bridal wear, Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi became household names but they are not affordable for every person. Thanks to homegrown bridalwear brands that have a broader reach and stay within the customers’ budget. The smaller tags capture the attention of brides.
  5. Natural-Looking and Candid Shoots
    No longer are the days when couples have to get their pictures clicked amongst the wedding rituals. Now, the airy and bright style of photography is getting popular as it focuses on candid and natural soft lighting moments direct from the mandap. Photographers are creating editorial-style wedding albums emphasizing more on authenticity and flaws.
  6. Urli Setup for Haldi
    Urli is the best element in Haldi celebrations that is gaining everyone’s attention. It is a giant life-sized metal bowl or clay pot with a perfect seating option for the bride and/or groom.
  7. Natural Bridal Makeup
    Brides these days prefer dewy, soft, and natural makeup looks rather than full-glam and OTT makeup to wear throughout the wedding celebrations.

We will help you in following these trends as they provide marital services related to finding the right partner, pre-wedding dietician, makeup, and more.