Can a Manglik Bride (Girl) or Groom (Boy) get married without any trouble?

Can a Manglik Bride (Girl) or Groom (Boy) get married without any trouble?

Marriage is a knot that ties two persons, two souls for their whole life, and this solemn decision is taken after considering many factors. According to Hindu traditions and customs, astrological compatibility plays a crucial role in deciding whether a boy and girl are perfect for each other or not. Kundali comes on top in matching the competency of the to-be bride and groom. Plus, if there is mangal dosha in anyone’s kundali, there arises a lot of questions regarding their marriage.

No matter how modern we become, when there arises a question about our loved ones’ life, we always become conscious and choose what we think is best for them. In such a situation, how can we let our loved one married to somebody who has a Manglik Dosh in his kundali? That is when we have been hearing for ages that a Manglik person can bring lots of troubles in his or her married life. However, don’t worry! Where arises a problem; there arises a solution too. You are absolutely right place. Here you will get to know what a mangal dosha means, what are mangal dosha effects and what its remedies are.

What is Manglik Dosha?

Mars(Mangal) is one of the most powerful planets that can greatly impact one’s life. It has some fiery energies which can have dual effects. On the one hand, this energy can be used for many constructive purposes, and on the other hand, it can ruin one’s life excessively. When mangal (mars) is placed in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth house of a person’s horoscope, that means there is a Manglik dosha in his or her kundali, and that person is called Manglik person.

Some Facts & Myths About Mangliks Dosh & Mangliks Person

  • Any person can be Manglik. 
  • Manglik persons are believed to have a volatile temperament. 
  • The Manglik person tends to have strong fiery energy, and this energy needs to be channelized in the right advantageous direction. 
  • Manglik persons born on Tuesday are believed to have nullified effects of this dosha. 
  • Usually, a Manglik dosha in one’s kundali can have many negative effects on his or her life. However, if a Manglik girl marries a Manglik boy, then these effects can be evaded. 
  • Manglik person should not marry a non-manglik person. Otherwise, this dosh can cause tension in married life. Two of them can have regular conflicts that often lead to loss of mental peace and destruction of their relation. 

How to know if a person is Mangliks or not? (How to know mangliks person?)

A person’s kundali has all the answers related to his/her life. The same goes for Manglik dosh. An astrologer can study a person’s kundli and can discover accordingly that he or she has a Manglik Dosh in her kundli or not. In ancient times when technology was not so advanced, people used to go to pandits or astrologers to know about such effects. However, today technology has overruled this world. In this modern era, if you want to know how to check Manglik dosh housing in one’s horoscope, then there are many websites available online that can help you discover that a person is Manglik or not. 

The effects of Mangliks dosha and the suitable remedies

It is necessary to discover that one is having mangal dosha in his/her kundali or not. This is because this dosh can have harmful effects on a person’s life. Right from family life to professional life, mangal dosh can unimaginably disrupt your life. 

Mars PlacementImpact
First HouseIt can have a great impact on a person’s married life. Both the partner can have regular conflicts that may often lead to violence in the family. 
Second HouseThis can influence one’s personal as well as professional life to a great extent.
Forth HouseIn such a case, the person has to struggle a lot to build a career. Maybe he/she will be needed shift the jobs excessively and then also will feel unsatisfied. He/she may also face financial problems.
Seventh HouseThis has a great impact on one’s nature. Mars is a fiery planet, and so will be the person’s temperament. The planet’s high energy results in the aggressive behavior of a person having the mangal dosh. This nature will also lead to conflicts with family and partners. 
Eighth HouseThis reflects a lazy behavior of a person. The person tends to have a careless, reckless nature, especially towards financial assets.
Twelfth HouseThis placing of mars brings a lot of issues in one’s life. A person can have many enemies, also can have several mental ill effects, and can face financial issues too. 
Every problem has a solution, and Mangliks dosh problem has too. There are different remedies that alleviate the ill-effects of mangal dosh, including:-
  • Fast on Tuesday: Fasting on the first Tuesday of each month,i.e., during Shukla Paksha. In this fast, you can eat only toor dal. 
  • Chanting: Chant Gayatri mantra 108 times or Hanuman Chalisa one time every day will help you alleviate the effects of mangal dosh. 
  • Donation: Donation can be a good option too. You can donate red gram dal or red color clothes or sharp objects like knives, etc. 
  • Visiting Temple: Visit the Hanuman temple on Tuesday and offer sweets. 
  • Kumbh Vivah/ Ark Vivah: This is a ritual that is taking place since ancient times. According to this, the Manglik person is married to a Peepal or Banyan tree or a clay pot in the belief that all the ill-effects of the dosha will byfall on this mock spouse. 

Can a Mangliks Person marry a non-mangliks person?

India is a country where the utmost importance is given to traditions and customs in marriage, and here marriage astrology is like a norm too. Matching Kundli of girl and boy, comparing Gunas, checking Doshas are all crucial steps that are believed to be achieved for a happy married life of bride and groom. In such circumstances, the most horrifying dosha is Manglik dosha, and it brings a lot of questions with itself. The most prevalent question of all time is “can a manglik boy marry a non manglik girl” or “can a manglik girl marry a non manglik boy.”

Many people believe that the Manglik and non manglik relation brings a lot of problems with itself for both the partners. But is this a fact or just a myth? In this techno world, if you check various platforms, you will come across many real stories that tell about marriage of manglik and non manglik persons and also elaborates that they are not facing any manglik and non manglik marriage effects. However, on not only this platform but on all different matrimony platforms, it has been observed that still there are many people who are not sure about manglik and non manglik match. What is the real reason behind this disagreement? What happens if a manglik marries a non manglik person? People fear that if manglik marry non manglik, then the non-manglik person may face early death or both can have conflicts that later lead to their separation. These are some beliefs of people, and it is not good to question someone’s belief; that is why Mangliks Matrimony brings a large database of brides and grooms that also involves manglik girls and boys to choose from. It is always better to be precautious. 

Over the time, people have become more curious about such thoughts and recognizance. Consequently, they have come up with many solutions for mangliks and non mangliks marriage. However, the solution requires various permutations and combinations. There arises a need to analyze the horoscopes of both the girl and boy. 

It should be evaluated that the effect of the dosha in one’s horoscope can be mitigated or reduced to a great extent by the positive placement of other planets in the horoscope or not. If it can be mitigated, then manglik and non manglik marriage can happen.

It is also believed that if the non-mangliks person’s native chart has a strong placement and influence of natal Saturn, then both bride and groom can marry. If this is the case with the match, then the answer to the question “can a mangliks marry a non mangliks” will be “Yes”.

Besides these solutions, there are other mangliks dosha remedies too that have already been mentioned above, including fasting, chanting, visiting temples, donating, poojas, gemstones, etc. 

The world is growing, and so are the beliefs and thoughts of people. Yes, having a mangliks dosha or can say Kaju Dosha, Mangal dosha, or Bhom dosha in one’s kundali can sound frightening to you, but there are solutions for the effects of this dosh too. However, if you want an easy way to lessen the effects of mangliks dosh on your married life, then the best solution is to find a mangliks girl for a mangliks boy and vice-versa. Thus, brings you exclusionary profiles of mangliks girls (brides) and mangliks boys (grooms) for marriage.