Common Misconceptions About Matrimonial Sites

Common Misconceptions About Matrimonial Sites

If you want to get hitched and are viewing matrimonial sites as the medium through which you are conducting the search for Mr or Ms Right, then you will be pleased to know that you are on the right track! Data from the websites of Commerce reveals that usage of matrimonial sites see a sharp increase of about 30% each year.

However, despite the burgeoning popularity of these sites, there are a number of misconceptions about matrimonial sites floating around, which may make you skeptical about signing on to their services.

Here are the top 5 myths decoded…

Myth 1: Matrimonial websites are a waste of time

Many people assume that it’s a colossal waste of time and money to register on a matrimonial website. The myth is that most people register only for fun and they are just looking for casual dates. While it is true that some individuals may be somewhat flippant in their approach, the number of success stories related to matrimonial sites is growing daily. A large amount of success of matrimonial sites is related to the fact that they bring in a lot of exposure of the suitable range of partners that one is looking for. The connections assimilated by good matrimonial sites are not restricted by geographical boundaries or social or family circles. Many people have succeeded in finding their soul mates through long distance connections only made possible by matrimonial sites.

Myth 2: Matrimonial sites have unverified profiles

Well, this statement was partially true 10 years back, when matrimonial sites first made their appearance. Lots of people with less than honest and transparent intentions used to create fake profiles on matrimonial sites “just for fun.” However, thanks to new age matrimonial sites which have a strict verification process with well-defined vigilance teams, such fake profiles are now weeded out with constant quality control measures. The chances of you encountering a fake profile on any of the popular matrimonial sites now, are less than remote.

Myth 3: Sales people of matrimonial sites keep calling all the time

This is a myth which has absolutely no connection with the truth and is a result of clients confusing matrimonial services with other random services offered by tele callers. The leading matrimonial sites which have achieved good success rates have a very strict privacy policy and never disturb customers without express permission/approval. This basically means that unless you have expressed interest in matrimonial site services, you will not be called. Even if you have registered and need to be contacted for a specific issue by the matrimonial site customer care, they will ask you for permission without calling.

Myth 4: Fake profiles of women abound on matrimonial sites

Earlier, when matrimonial sites were in their nascent stage and did not have access to superior technology, there was an abundance of fake profiles of women created either by women who were not looking for marriage or men who were looking for fun. However, modern matrimonial services are savvy and have internal data links which scan through social profiles to conduct verification of authenticity of profiles. Email and phone verification of profiles are also an integral part of most matrimonial websites. This has resulted in a sharp reduction in the creation of fake profiles on matrimonial sites.

Myth 5: Matrimonial sites will ruin my social image

There are many people who suffer from false ego issues and pride, and think that it’s socially unacceptable to admit that one has met their partner through a matrimonial website. However, statistics show that nearly one third of marriages happening in urban India right now are through matrimonial sites. In today’s busy and selective age, matrimonial sites provide the perfect avenue for finding a life partner.