Different Effects of ‘Rahu’ and ‘Ketu’ on Marriages

Different Effects of ‘Rahu’ and ‘Ketu’ on Marriages

All the astrological Grahas enlighten our lives under marriage astrology. ‘Rahu’ and ‘Ketu’ , the moon’s hubs, the main shadow planets have a position yet no substance. Grahas cannot sparkle light rather they anticipate life’s shadows, fears, and mystery experience.

Effect of Rahu and Ketu in the 1st house

The placement of Rahu in the first house indicates an dissatisfied health that requires treatment other than from medical methods.

Ketu in the first house indicates possession of mysterious powers. It also signifies a weak constitution and a skinny body. Instability and deception are said to be experienced under marriage astrology.

Effect of Rahu and Ketu in the 2nd and 3rd house

Rahu indicates a quarrelsome person, diseases related to face, disputes in the family and threat to eyesight. Good financial condition and wealth will be gained through business activities and occurrences.
Ketu represents that a person is a poor speaker. He may also go through losses by fraud and fraud. He will achieve success in spiritual activities, navigation, mystical arts, and medicine.

Effect of Rahu and Ketu in 4th and 5th house

Rahu house suggests that the person may lose friends due to his or her silly behavior. He may become a victim of fraud or may be culprit of fraudulent actions himself.

Ketu is considered unauspicious. The individual will be deprived of maternal love. The possibilities of settling in a foreign country are also present. There will be suddenly changes in life during the Dasha of Ketu.

Effect of Rahu and Ketu in the 6th and 7th house

Rahu with this placement under marriage astrology indicates a long and prosperous life. Such kind of people may be disturbed by enemies, evil spirits, and diseases. He may also suffer from a disease of puzzling nature. If Rahu is placed with Moon and Saturn in the 6th house, it indicates mental disorganization.

Ketu is considered auspicious as it gives glory and authority. Such a person will not have enemies, will be intuitive and will possess esoteric powers.

Effect of Rahu and Ketu in the 8th and 9th house

Rahu indicates getting a dominating life partner, who may be impolite and miserable. On the positive side, the person may become famous and obtain much wealth. Ketu will make the person short-tempered, and he may get upset over little things.

Effect of Rahu and Ketu in the 10th, 11th, and 12th house

Rahu makes the native a skilled artist with flare in poetry and literature. He will do a lot of travelling, will be famous and might run a business. Ketu means the person is intelligent, bold, well-known and strong. He will face many difficulties in his life.

Marriage astrology helps to analyze the position of Rahu in the horoscope and determine the possibilities of love and arranged marriages. It will surely enlighten your future life and wedding match.