Effects of Mangal Dosha in Your Happy Life

Know Effects of Mangal Dosha in Your Happy Life

Hello Everyone! Do you know Know Effects of Mangal Dosha in Your Happy Life? Manglik Dosha, Mangal Dosha, Chovva Dosha or Kuja Dosha is one of the most prior aspect and concern of astrology and especially of Indian Vedic Astrology. Mangal Dosha is directly related to Mars, and when a person has Mangal placed in particular houses in the horoscope like 1st house, 2nd house, 4th, 7th, house and 12th house then that person is being called Manglik because he/she has Mangal Dosha in their horoscope.

Effects of Mangal Dosha in Your Happy Life
Effects of Mangal Dosha in Your Happy Life

The Manglik person got many troubles in her/his married life, so astrology describes that a Mangliks person should do marriage with the Manglik partner. Though, there are many kinds of remedies and solutions available regarding Mangal Dosha    

Mangal Dosha, Jupiter, and Venus

Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon are benefic planets for the Manglik person and have the power to lessen Mangal’s negative effects. Numerous issues with health, mental state, marriage, and relationships can arise from mangal.

Mangal Dosha effects on your relationship

Mangal Dosha has a significant impact on relationships and marriage. It can ruin your marriage in a number of ways, including a divorce, a partner’s death or illness, a disagreement with a different point of view that will only exacerbate the problems and prolong the marriage.

Mangal Dosha can also have an effect on your business, education, accomplishments, and career. On Tuesday, a person with Mangal Dosha can practice Mangal fasting, which will lessen the negative effects of Mangal.

Mangal Dosha impact on the first house

The Mangal Dosha in the first house can lead to constant arguments and debates with your partner. It can wreak havoc on your inner peace and purposefully cause conflict between you and your partner.

Mangal Dosha effect on the second house

It is believed that the family resides in the horoscope’s second house. If a Manglik person marries later, this Mangal combination can cause trouble in the family.

Mangal Dosha impact on the fourth house

A person cannot have a happy marriage if Mangal places his focus on the fourth house of the horoscope, which is designated for that purpose. He will always have to deal with arguments and mental stress in his marriage, and they will get divorced.

Mangal Dosha impact on the seventh house

Mangal Dosha in the seventh house can make your partner ill or weak. If not, it might make both of them aggressive, which could lead to a lot of arguments and tension in the relationship.

Mangal Dosha impact on the 8th house

Accidents and a person’s age are determined by their eighth house. Therefore, if Mangal Dosha is present, the spouse or husband may pass away soon; If you live in a house with Mangal Dosha, you should look for remedies or solutions because it is very dangerous.

Mangal Dosha effect on the 12th house

The terrible Mangal in the 12th house can have an impact on your sexual life; It has the potential to worsen sexual diseases or cause a person to have more sexual fantasies. A person may experience sexual parts operations if Saturn and Mangal are in the 12th house.

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