Interesting Telugu Brahmin Matrimonial Rituals from Start to End

Interesting Telugu Brahmin Matrimonial Rituals from Start to End

Telugu Brahmin Matrimonial are still strongly followed the Hindu traditions and the presence of this can be easily seen in their weddings and other rituals. Like another Indian Hindu wedding, Telugu Brahmin Matrimony is initiated with the horoscope matching (Thirumana Porutham in Tamil language). It is a birth chart that describes the character and circumstances, based on the relative positions of the stars and planets at the time of that person’s birth.

Before matchmaking, Brahmins match the horoscope of the bride and groom to ensure that they are compatible with each other and it also explains the basic idea of their married life.

Let us have a look on what we can expect from a Brahmin Matrimonial.


The Telugu marriage begins with the ”Edurukolu” marriage ceremony. The bridegroom and her family and friends invite them formally to the wedding place. Bride’s family with a little welcoming aarti usually greets the Telugu Brahmin Matrimony Grooms. Friends of Bride and Groom tell of the grandeur of the bride and bride. This should only be done for fun. Next, the bride’s and bride’s garland are substituted. Bride and Groom are acknowledged and identical to Sita and Lord Rama from this stage to the end of the wedding.


The next Telugu matrimony Brahmin wedding ritual is Varapooja, where the parents of the bride clean the groom’s feet. In this ceremony, the most common thing is that any Brahmin boy holds a holy thread. The holy thread consists of three threads before marriage and then the bride’s father exchanges the thread for a new holy thread consisting of nine threads.

Gowri Pooja:

The next ritual in Brahmin Matrimony is Gowri Pooja before entering the mandapam, which is carried out by the Bride. Pooja’s intention is to maintain a good friendship with her husband until the end. Then the bride is set in the bamboo basket and her mother’s brother is brought in the mandapam.

Jeelakarra Bellam:

Kanyadan rites are further conducted in the marriage of Telugu. The bride finally gives way to an accelerated and emotional component of the ceremony. The father of the bride takes the bride’s hand to the bride’s side, the priest reads mantras, and calls the bridegroom for long life. After that, the bride and wife are placed on each other’s heads with a paste of Jeelakarra Bellam. Without a flickering glance, keep eye contact during this Bride and Groom. It is called Sumuhurtham and in the Brahmin matrimonial, it’s the most important rite.

While the priest recites Vedic mantras at a ceremony the couple smears on each other a sticky paste of cumin seed and jaggery which symbolises the inseparable bond that is hanging around, just like cumin jaggery does.

Maṅgaḷasūtra Dhāraṇa:

By tying three knots, the groom wraps a sacred thread around the neck of the bride. There are two Mangalsutra in a Brahmin Shaadi, the first is from the mother’s brother and the second is from the in-laws. After attaching a knot the bride and groom spill the turmeric powder rice on each other. This ritual is close to the pleasure of the newly married couple. The final marriage ceremony of Telugu has now begun. The wedding mantras are sung by the Bride against the holy flames.

Arundhati Nakshatram:

In a separate spell-off ritual, the pair will be able to observe two stars that belong to the Big Dipper, or the Ursa Major, the Arundhati Alcor, and Vasistha’s Mizar star. After completing all marriage rites Arundhati and Vasistha have been viewed as the ideal couple and it is a token of their blessings to see these stars.

Final Thoughts:

Telugu families typically tend to marry off their children in the community. And a Telugu matrimony site that helps promote such alliances. The marriage of the Telugu Brahmin is normally observed by the horoscope and all the wedding ceremonies take place under a specious time.