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Vijayadashmi is a Hindu festival celebrated with great fervor in most parts of India. It falls on the tenth day of the Hindu calendar month Ashwin, coinciding with the months of September and October as per the Gregorian calendar.It marks the eternal balance of life maintained by the victory of good over the chaos caused by evil.

Vijayadashmi is observed on the 10th day of the Navratri festival, the beginning of a long festival season in India. The reasons for its celebration differ in parts of India. The southern, eastern and north-eastern parts of India observe it as Durga Puja, to mark the victory of the eternal Shakti or Devi Durga over the demon Mahishasur in along fight spanning over ten days. In the northern and western parts of the country,it is marked as Dusherra. It is observed in reverence of the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana, in a ten day long battle, in which he demolished Ravana and his army to get back his wife Sita, who was abducted by Ravana.

Festive India
Festive India, Indian Festivals

Preceding Vijayadashmi are nine days of Navratras that are an ode to the Adi Shakti or Goddess Durga. She is worshipped for the nine days. Many people observe fast during the festival. Young girls are worshipped at the end of the Navratras as it is widely believed that the form of the Goddess Durga resides in them.

Hindus regards these festive days as highly auspicious and purchase gold and property. It is a time for new beginnings. These days are considered a very good time / muhurat to tie the bonds of holy matrimony by most people. There is also a faction that believes that the mother goddess resides in all women during these days and will avoid solemnizing marriages.

The big fat Indian Wedding is the grandest celebration in our country. The Indian Vivah takes over along with the festivities. In the joyous mode with Diwali, Christmas and the new year, the Indian Matrimony scene assumes the shape of a festival of its own kind. Indians are celebrating…

List of Important Indian Festivals

State Festival
Andhra Pradesh Brahmotsavam, Ugadi or the Telugu New Year, Dasara, Sri Rama Navami, Deccan festival, Durga festival.
Arunachal Pradesh Solung, Losar Festival, Murung, Reh, Mopin, Boori Boot, Monpa festval.
Assam Ambubasi festival, Bohag Bihu, Baishagu festival, Majuli festival, Dehing Patkai festival, Pragjyothi dance festival.
Bihar Bihula, Chhath Puja, Madhushravani, Rajgir Dance festival.
Goa Fontainhas Festival of Art, sunburn festival, Ladainha, Mando Festival, Ghumot fest, Chikalkalo.
Gujarat Kite Festival, Holi, Modhera Dance Festival, Saptak Music Festival.
Haryana Baisakhi festival.
Jammu and Kashmir Dosmuchey festival, Matho Narang, Gemis Festival, Galdan Namchot.
Jharkhand Sarhul, Dansi, Karma, Hal Punhya, Rohin, Bandna.
Karnataka Pattadakal Dance festival, Gudi Padwa.
Kerala Onam, Nishagandhi festival, vaikathashtami festival.
Madhya Pradesh Tejaji Fair, Khajuraho festival.
Maharashtra Kalidas festival, Chikoo Utsav.
Manipur Yaoshang, Chavang Kut.
Meghalaya Nongkrem Dance Festival,

Wangala Festival, Bob Dylan festival, Ahaia festival.

Mizoram ChapcharKut Festival
Nagaland Hornbill Festival, Moatsu festival, Hornbill festival.
Odisha Konark festival, International sand art festival.
Punjab Lohri.
Rajasthan Gangaur Festival, Bundi Utsav, Desert festival, Braj festival, Shekhawati festival, Matasya festival.
Sikkim Saga Dawa
Tamil Nadu Pongal, Thaipoosam, Jallikattu festival, Natyanjali festival.
Telangana Bonalu
Tripura Kharchi Puja
Uttar Pradesh Kumbh Mela, Ram Leela.
Uttarakhand Ganga Dusshera
West Bengal Durga Puja, Nandikar National Theatre festival.