Create an interesting online matrimonial profile

How To Create An interesting Matrimonial online Profile?

The way we conduct marriages and find life partners has undergone a sea change in the last few decades. Gone are the days of the good old ‘Nai’ or the ‘Pundit’ playing the matchmaker in the Indian shaadi. Online Marriage Portals are the new age matchmakers. 

Find 1 lakh+ of genuine manglik profiles from your own caste, community, profession, location etc.

These matrimonial sites are unique to the India matrimony scene and connect Indians across the world. Most Indians try the Indian matrimony sites to get hitched. For all the people successful in finding life partners online, there are those who do not. One key aspect of begetting success on these sites is a very good profile. 

Let us study some pointers on how an online matrimonial profile can be made attention-worthy. 

Make an honest profile

Do not underestimate yourself. Never underplay your life. Do not overplay it either. Be honest. Do not hide facts. 

Your profile should reflect who you are 

You could just stick to plain facts about family, job, place of residence etc. But, some additions in your matrimony profile like your interests in life, your ambitions and dreams etc. will make you more real a person. 

Keep the language simple yet elegant

On most Indian marriage sites, you find profiles written in a variety of styles. You should try to keep the language simple yet elegant and grammatically correct. Language is a key influencer and speaks volumes about your background without saying so (so to speak). 

Photographs are an absolute must 

All Indian wedding sites ask for photographs. Good photographs clicked in a regular setting are ideal. Avoid studio photographs, group photographs, and also ones where you cannot be seen clearly. 

Be respectful when writing your partner preferences 

Avoid clichés like beautiful, homely, fair skinned girl / tall, dark, handsome man earning a fat package. Opt for phrases like independent, caring, like-minded, intelligent etc. 

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Your choice of phrases reflects on your character and the respect you have for the opposite gender. This can be a deal maker or breaker. 

Watch out for other profiles

When you read other profiles, you get to judge for yourself how you could improve your own.    

Remember that in the search for life partners on matrimonial sites, a profile is what the other person gets to see first. If that lacks a punch, your first step falls wrong. You need to get it right.   

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