Five Sacred Ways to Find Your Soul Mate 

In India when it comes to marriage and spirituality, they are inseparable. Various spiritual rituals and Poojas are performed to get the blessings of Ishta Devta and to erase out the hurdles in the way to find a perfect bride or groom. Here are a few important spiritual rituals and remedies that are suggested to remove the hurdles in the pathway to marriage.

Performing Fasts

Young boys and girls perform fasts on Monday known as Somvari Vrat to seek blessing of lord Shiva to find a perfect soul mate for you.

Boys usually fast on Tuesday to pray to Lord Hanuman to give them strength and erase out the hurdles leading to the delay in their marriages.

Swarna Gauri Vrata is also kept on shukla tritiya tithi  when Sun is in Leoin the month of Bhadrapada on the day before Ganesha Chathurthi.  Fasts kept with full faith and dedication is always fruitful.

Fasts can be perfomed for both non mangliks and mangliks brides and grooms

Reciting of Mantras

Reciting of certain Mantras of Maa Parvati, Katyayani, lord Hanuman and lord Shiva is also helpful and may lead to overwhelming result. Mantra Recitation done under the guidance of a guru yields to proper benefits and helps you in many of the ways to find a perfect life partner.

Wearing Gems

Wearing certain gems and stones can be quite helpful when there is poor placement of certain planets in one’s horoscope. Wearing these under the guidance of an expert astrologer would do good to find a perfect soul mate for you. It would not only be a mean to boost up energy level and moral strength, but also adds to glow and charm to your personality.

The Karma – The Power of Faith

The best way to find the perfect life partner is to perform hard work, efforts and good deeds.You may also take help of matrimonial sites in India such as Mangliks to find the perfect brides and grooms for you. Matrimony sites not only help to find the perfect soul mate for you, but also help to communicate with the prospect.

“Staying optimistic and always having faith in the blessings of elders would also help to find the perfect soul mate for you”. There is a well known saying that the marriages are made in heavens. What we can do all is to only the right efforts and be patient.