RAJPUT Wedding Costumes for Mangliks & Non Mangliks

Rajputs Marriages are indeed a better example of carrying forward the tradition of royal family marriages. They have the tradition of the brides dressed up using diamonds and more of other precious stones. They have grand traditional affairs. Grooms ride up on elephants. It is the same for all Rajput non – manglik and manglik brides & grooms.

Match making between boys and girls is considered with many factors and facts taken into account. The first significant factor of all is the family. The family alliance between the two sides has to be considered. The status of both the families has to be at par. Both the brides and grooms have to be from the separate clans. Horoscope matching is done appropriately by the astrologers from both the families. Rajputs moreover marry within the same community for all non-manglik and manglik brides and grooms. Sometimes exceptions can be witnessed in some of the royal families.

Wedding Costumes

Bridal Dress

The Rajput brides wear Rajputi Poshak as the bridal dress for the marriage ceremony that is usually red in colour. It may also be of yellow, gold, orange or pink in colour. The traditional jewellery items worn by the brides have their own significance. Rakhi is a circular piece of jewellery worn by the girl on the forehead.Sheeshphul is worn as headgear. They also wear  the Aad as a thick neck hanging, the Chooda which is a set of gold and ivory bangles, the Bajuband which is the gold and stone armlets worn at the elbow on arms, the Pajeb or Payal as gold anklets. There is Nath which is stone nose rings. Bichhiya is worn as gold toe rings for the feet. The Hathful are worn on hands and the Poonchis and the Bangdish are a golden bangle on arms.Timaniyaan is a choker with uncut diamond. All the Non-manglik and manglik brides in Rajputs follow the same wedding wear pattern.

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Interesting Facts:

  • Rakhdi signifies that the bride should be walking on the straight line. The danglers on ears give a moral to not listen to gossips.
  • The ‘Timaniyaan’, give a advise that she should be bowing her head in humility.
  • The ‘Chooda’ suggests her to give to charity.
  • The nose ring advises her not to spend more than her husband’s capability.
  • The anklets suggest to put the ‘right foot forward’
  • The dressfor wedding is gifted to the bride from the groom’s side.

Groom’s Wear

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The groom wears the Sherwani or Achkan which is a long coat of golden colour. Saffron turban is worn with Chuddidar salwar, Juti (regal shoes) and some interesting precious jewelries. There is a also a necklace worn around the neck with Kammarband at the waist. All the Non-manglik and manglik grooms in Rajputs follow the same Groom’s attire.

Pre – Marriage Ceremonies: 

Engagement, Ganpati Sthapana, Pithi Dastoor, Mehfils, Janeva Ceremony, Palla Dastoor, Toran

 Marriage Ceremonies: 

Granthi Bandhan, Paani Grahan, Phera Ceremony, Satapadi, Bidai