Growing Popularity of Matrimony Sites

Growing Popularity of Matrimony Sites

Although dating sites are becoming popular, it is the arranged marriage market growing at an amazing rate. Arranged marriage is a family-driven process and has all the seriousness of an important issue. When prospective customers are serious buyers or consumers, they expect results. There are a few key reasons for the popularity of matrimony websites:-

  1. Small family size in urban, as well as rural areas in India is a direct result of population control practices as well as preference to move away from joint family set up. Because of this the social network that families typically had within their cities or towns has reduced considerably. This has contributed to increased dependence on matrimony sites in India when it comes to finding matches from the same caste or other cultural parameters.

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  1.  Fast urbanization has also created a similar situation to growth in nuclear families. Urban families find it impossible to find prospects for their children in a city that is culturally different from their City, resulting in the growth of matrimony sites in India that seem to mock traditional approaches to arranged marriage.

The question is can matrimony sites sustain ther growth and popularity. These changes are driven by the improving economic condition of families, good exposure to the world via the Internet, media, travel, and increasing education levels among women. The current generation of parents has benefited a lot  from India’s economic reforms and have a different outlook towards marriages compared to that of their parents.

  1. Online matrimony sites are very convenient and a very powerful tool for the increasing number of successful marriages. There are approximately 100 such sites. India with 38.7 million Internet users is having around 61 per cent are below the age of 25. Of them, 49 per cent are registered with matrimony sites in India, 50 per cent with friendship and dating sites and 38 per cent of the users are involved in both the activities. Mobility and opportunity is separating parents from their sons and daughters. In that case matrimony sites are a major social development where the persons find the profiles of their choice using these matrimonial sites in India. They can carry on further interactions and sharing each and every details with their parents and families.