Marathi Matrimony Interesting Rituals!  

Marathi Matrimony Interesting Rituals!  

Marathi People are belonging to the Indo-Aryan group. They differ from the other parts of India in the language and their clothing habits. These people are following rich culture in the form of architecture, literacy and food habits. As they are belonging to the state of Maharashtra, they are called Maharashtrains. The language they speak is known as Marathi.

Majority of Hindu religion people in India are found in Maharashtra. The ceremonies, rituals and traditions inn Marathi Matrimony varies from region to region. Hindu religion castes comprises of Konkani, Koli people, the Goud Saraswat Brahmin‎s, the Maharashtra Brahmin communities and the Tribal communities in the state of Maharashtra.

People of Maharashtra are very simple and decent in their life styles. In the same way, they follow their ritual and ceremonies whether it is Marathi matrimony or any other interesting ceremony of their life moments. As like other cultures in India , the people of Maharashtra also believe in proper horoscope matching for Marathi matrimony.

The family members from both the groom and bride sides exchange sugar and other sweets in order to mark up the engagement ceremony call Sakhar Puda. It is followed by the formal engagement ceremony called the Wang Nchav. It is followed in sequence with the meeting with clergymen by the family members to decide the wedding date for their Marathi matrimony..

One day before the wedding or marriage, the HaldiChadawat ceremony is held where both the bride and groom are supposed to have turmeric paste applied in their body with the help of mango foliage immersed in turmeric paste at their respective places. The Marriage or wedding day starts off the prayer and worship of lord Ganesha to seek the blessing of Lord Ganesha to start and end the day on a good node. It is usually believed in most of the parts of India, to start off the prayers with the lord Ganesha to do the performing work successfully without any interruption..

Wedding in Marathi matrimony is start from the morning itself. The grooms and his family, friends and relatives arrive at the wedding venue to carry on the further interesting rituals and ceremonies of the Marathi Matrimony.

It is followed by the interesting and vital ceremonies of wedding called Kanyadaan and Saptapaadi. In Kanyadaan, the bride’s father hand over his daughter to the groom and the couple circles seven times around the sacred flame together with the chanting of MANTRAS by the priests called saatphere which is the vital ceremony in Marathi Matrimony.