He Used To Make Fun of Matrimonial Sites But Then Fall in Love

My friend always used to make fun of manglik or non manglik matrimonial websites. Initially his father created his profile and he used to just formally give a nod about my likes and dislikes. So, when he exchanged interests for manglik or non manglik matrimony, it was just another profile for him which his father prompted him to see and relate &check. He went through the details along with consultation of his father and then a Family meeting was fixed at a Mall in Delhi. After meeting and conversing with each other, He realized that Sneha was somebody who would accept him as an individual and will support him in ups and downs of life. Her beautiful voice kept on striking his ears that whole evening and he knew deep inside that she was the one for him. He found his Love, His dream Girl.

Soon the families got together and his marriage date has been finalized. How life changes for the better for him.

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