Save Time And Money for Manglik Matchmaking Using Matrimonial Sites

Contemporary industry research shows that there are currently more than 80 successfully operating manglik matrimonial sites in India. The growth rate of these sites is phenomenal; there is a new one being launched every month even we are new one but we are different from others. We realized that most of profiles are fake in matrimonial site. We took a tough initiative on this issue. In our web site you can’t get a single profile which is fake. Read More..

All profiles will be verified by phone number(s), identity document(s), and Phone numbers of 2 family members. The above details provided to us, only then will be activated within 24 to 48 hours, ensuring you with a fully secured experience. Our Vital Three Way verification at the time of registration confirms the presence of only genuine & properly validated profiles on our manglik matrimonial site.

In our website every day registering more than 110 profiles but we only approve few profiles after verification. Industry data also say that 52% of the Indian youth now use these sites to look for their life partner. Our site is a matrimonial service portal and not a dating site.

After Interviews amongst the sample population revealed that most of them used these sites because they are: ‘convenient’ and ‘helps them save time and money.’ Well, in today’s busy world, time is the most precious commodity, and if manglik matrimonial sites really help save time and money, they are worth spending a bit to know more about them.

Process For Instant Validation 

In traditional India, it was the responsibility of friends, relatives, and well-wishers to begin the arduous, elusive, and unguaranteed process of obtaining validation of the job/income/background of family of the manglik bride/groom, and of the groom/bride themselves. These details were difficult to find out and sometimes big bucks were shelled out to third party detectives to hunt out the desired validation (or lack of it).

With the advent of manglik matrimonial sites and the dawn of the e-age, validation has become a very simple process. Each leading matrimonial site of India has its own specialized validation procedures and uses its huge database as well as social networks to validate personal data. This means that the information you see on the profile page of an average matrimonial site user is mostly true.

In our website all profile are verified and genuine so no need to worry about fake profile or fake identity.

Profile Search Options

In traditional India, the giant nexus of the joint family, brokers, and the extended web of relatives and friends were used to look up the profiles of prospective brides and grooms. Looking up suitable profiles would take months and sometimes years as information available was not clear and no definite channels of information existed. Also, the geographical boundaries were restrictive as each broker had a comfort zone to which he/she stuck to, thus prolonging the search for the perfect partner.

However, with the arrival of manglik matrimonial sites it has become a matter of minutes to look for the perfect partner. All one has to do now is to register and then log in before filling up some information boxes about identity, occupation, education, the kind of partner one is on the look out for, etc.,

Fast process for filtering

Traditionally, there was a long process in marriage matchmaking for mangliks when a couple spent some time (subject to various restrictions) in getting to know each other before deciding to proceed further or not. This resulted in a lot of wasted time and resources as preliminary criteria were not matched beforehand.

Modern manglik matrimonial sites use all kinds of filtering criteria to judge the compatibility of a couple. You can filter according to age, occupation, life style parameters, income, ethnic background, hobbies, etc., so you know that when you finally interact with the filtered matches, there is a greater chance of success. Know More..

Value Added search and Services

Most marriages website in India are paid site by nominal amount but our website giving you free and value added search in India.

The above mentioned factors have helped manglik matrimonial sites in Delhi become the best time savers for the youth of today. Read More..