How is love after marriage different than love before marriage?

How is love after marriage different than love before marriage?

Every good relationship is typically based on love. Friends or relatives, no matter what the dynamics, we simply want people who we love. We have grown up listening to “Love gives meaning to life” mantra which is nothing less than a holy gospel. As life moves on with its twists and turns, love changes its guise, and this is how the tale of change ensues.

Love before marriage is usually an adventurous journey with limited responsibilities and possible heartbreak. The bond of matrimony on the other hand ensures that you put in lots of efforts into numerous decisions for a natural progression towards love.

This does not mean that love before marriage lacks responsibilities or affection, it just means that it is a lot easier to walk away. There are numerous situations where the perspectives do not remain the same.

There are numerous situations where the perspectives do not remain the same.


When you are in love with a person prior to the bond of manglik matrimony, your outlook towards conflicts is altogether different. In this kind of scenario, many couples call to quit without trying hard. Even though marriages too are not immune from the breakups, but in this case, the moving away is quite a task.


Before marriage, couples share few though not many responsibilities. The decisions are unilateral sometimes, and no big planning is on the cards. On the other hand, a couple in marriage need to share responsibilities in terms of finance, planning, raising a family and so much more. In the latter case, love needs to be strong enough to bear the disputes and disagreements because, at the end of the day, you have to look eye to eye again.

Bonding with family:

Once a couple enters the bond of matrimony, two families get acquainted as one, and the couple has to take care of the web of relationships afresh. This kind of bonding is absent when marriage is not on the cards. Gradual adjustments with the new family and getting to know each other through thick and thin is part and parcel of Mangliks marriage.

The future certainty:

The future is uncertain to all kinds of love. The difference between the case before marriage and after marriage is not being sure of planning the future together. Married couples plan about future events such a raising a family or investments and so much more.

The no-glamour scenario:

Many people will fail to admit, but love before marriage us way too glamorous. The all-day- all week dating and sweet nothings in text messages are a routine. After being married, partners see each other sleeping in huge baggy clothes, tangled hair and so much. The love after marriage is all about loving the partner for who he/she is deep inside.


Matrimony dawns patience on husband and wife. They learn to go through annoying habits and spats because the commitment is way too big to let go. They gradually learn to get adapted to what their partner offers and try to invest more patiently in leading the marriage into something great.

Love remains as love itself,  no matter if you are married or not. It is just that marriage makes the goal clear and you move ahead in life having each other’s back. There is no other commitment bigger and noble than this one.