How The Personality Gets Affected By The Manglik Dosha

How The Personality Gets Affected By The Manglik Dosha

Mars is also known to be the lord of War. Its negative connotations include over-ambition, restlessness, impatience, anger, violence etc. Let’s look out what impact planet Mars causes in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th and 12th houses of one horoscope or Kundli and its evaluation for Kundli Matching

Presence Of Mars in the First House-

The 1st house is the lagna bhava. It is the representative of ‘Self’ – the very personality containing its own inner and outer nuances. The first house is what the world sees you like, what you are and what you are capable of becoming. The person being manglik boy or girl  becomes aggressive, impatient, angry, and violent, abuses him and others, loses a sense of balance in life due to over-ambition and so on if Mars is present in the first house of one’s Kundli. It’s a factor evaluated during Kundli Matching. In general person presents a dominant and aggressive nature towards the society.

Worried, are you? No please don’t get worried if you have Mars in lagnam or the first house. Mere presence of Mars in the 1st house doesn’t give such results unless various other combinations are present. As mentioned in the preceding paragraph, Mars also impart positive qualities being a manglik boy or girl. The person having Mars in 1st house of his/her horoscope also exhibits positive behavior such as drive, determination, courage, never say die attitude, achievement orientation etc. that leads to success in life.

Mars in the Second House-

The 2nd house represents the seed of the artha-trikona i.e. the resources through which you discharge your karma towards the society. It also represents the base of family environment as well as kind and nature of your speech. Now Mars in the 2nd house mean you have a dominant and aggressive speech inviting the other into agreement. It is generally said that a lot of obstacles to be faced by the person being a manglik girl or boy in family and career.

This is again a simplistic conclusion. Due to the mere presence of Mars in the 2nd house, a person should not be blamed. There are several factors that need to be checked before such a conclusion is drawn. Mars in the 2nd house can also mean a person who is extremely capable of finding resources for discharging his duties in the society. It can also indicate that the person takes a lot of initiatives towards his family and making the family environment more dynamic and vibrant, being a manglik girl or boy. It’s also a factor evaluated during Kundli Matching.

Mars in the Fourth House-

The 4th house is the sukha sthana- the house of comforts, happiness and well-being. It is said that the malefic planet like Mars, if present in the 4th house leads to ‘Sukh-hanan’ or damage to the feeling of happiness. Such persons remain perpetually unhappy and restless. It is also said that the marital relations becomes very strained since the Mars has a 4th aspect on the 7th house affecting relationships with the spouse.

Well, I again would say that this is not a simplistic conclusion. There can be several mitigating factors. In fact, I have seen several people who have Mars in the fourth house and they are extremely happy and satisfied in their lives and professions. In many of such cases, there are factors where Mangal Dosha gets cancelled or mitigated to the large extent. Mars in the 4thhouse can also mean that the person takes good initiatives in keeping the mother happy; it can also mean that the person is extremely hard working in matters of and accumulation of knowledge and learning. It’s also a factor evaluated during Kundli Matching for manglik girl or boy

Mars in the Seventh House-

The seventh house represents the house of spouse, partnerships and relationships. It is basically the extension of oneself to coordinate and cooperate with other human being to achieve something which is not possible to do in isolation. Marriage and business are two great examples of such an arrangement. It is said that the presence of Mars in the seventh house is very harmful for business and marital happiness as the person becomes too egoistic to cooperate with someone for achievement of common objectives. She or he being a manglik girl or boy tries to be aggressive and mean in marital affairs even to the extent of violence on the spouse and as a result marital discord sets in.

Again I would say that this is very simplistic. Presence of Mars in 7th house could also mean the initiative, drive and courage that the person shows in creating and maintaining relationships and partnerships. The position of Sun and Jupiter would be vital such cases if it has to be seen that the person would be generally righteous or not and whether he would indulge in a win-win kind of relationships. It’s also a factor evaluated during Kundli Matching.

Mars in the Eighth House-

The eighth house is generally considered the house of anxiety, heightened state of consciousness, shared resources, phenomenon of change within, dealing with the core inner self for salvation, efforts towards liberation of soul etc. When so much is happening in the 8thhouse, it is natural to assume that Mars presence would aggravate the matters of the eight houses. Several astrologers say that Mars presence in the 8th house would lead to early death of spouse. There would be some secret aspect of the spouse that would get revealed later and which would be the cause of marital discord.

However, I see the flip side of it as well. Depending on the beneficence of Mars in a chart, presence of Mars in the 8th house could also mean that the person is highly energetic in achieving spiritual goals. She or he being a manglik girl or boy has the courage and gumption to delve into deeper meaning of his or her existence, do the necessary tapascharya to become a refined spiritual human being. It’s also a factor evaluated during Kundli Matching.

Mars in the Twelvth House-

The twelfth house represents giving up, losses, detachment etc. It is the house of unconscious which is not visible to the outer world. It is the culmination house of the Moksha trikona (the 4th, 8th and 12th house together forms the moksha trikona representing one of the purusharth for which we all have taken birth). This house rules being confined and tied down by the worldly nuances. Some astrologers say that the presence of Mars in the 12th house could lead to violent form of carnal pleasures leading to discord in marital harmony. It also could lead to person giving up a lot of accumulation without family consent thus leading to problems.

However, Mars in the 12th house could also show a person who is a selfless giver and a giver with much initiative in reaching out to the needy and loved ones. Depending on the rasi in which the 12th house is, it could also mean person with a high level of spirituality valuing detachment inside. It’s also a factor evaluated during Kundli Matching

Several other factors such as nature of rasi, strength of Mars, its aspects and conjunctions etc needs to be examined before finally commenting upon the influence that the so called Manglik Dosha would have on a personality.

Therefore, mere presence of Mars in a house (1, 2, 4, 7, 8 and 12) does not mean that the person is under negative influence of Manglik dosha.  As I discussed above, there could eventually be no dosha at all and it is possible that the presence of Mars in 1, 2,4,7,8 and 12th house could actually be a boon for a person and also exhibits some positive qualities.

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