Positive Qualities of Mangliks

Positive Qualities of Mangliks Person

There are two sides of every coin.Mars is considered to be a brave planet and known for fighting injustice. At the same time, it is very aggressive. Placement of Mars in certain houses of horoscope makes people aggressive and strongly driven towards their goal. Placement of Mars in 1st, 4th, 7th,8th or 12th houses of Kundli of a person causes Manglik Dosh. It presents some difficulties for manglik brides & grooms to find the partners of their dreams.

Positive Qualities of Mangliks
Positive Qualities of Mangliks

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A male manglik person is used to hasty decisions and finds it difficult to handle things with patience. At times its affects their office & working life. It also impacts their marital life. But it may be quite a wrong belief that the spouse dies if one of the two couples is manglik.

The positive side of the mangliks is that they are strongly determined and driven to their goals in life. They are enthusiastic, having good driving skills. They usually have inspiring talent, outdoor talents, progress in sports life, may it be manglik brides or grooms.

Matrimony Search Brides & Grooms Mangliks are also found experts in police, army fields. They are also found keen in body building and adventurous life.On the other side, Mangliks are hot –tempered and aggressive by nature. It means conflicts, competition, intolerance and finallydisaster. Marriage between two Mangliks or Manglik Brides and Grooms cancels the ill effects of Mangal Dosha.

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The Purna Mangliks, Manglik Brides or Grooms have lot of energy within them which needs to be properly channelized. When it becomes destructive, it leads to tension in marital life. It is believed that you are under Manglik Dosh because you have ill treated your life partner in the previous life. Age of marriage also delayed to 27 years.

Mars in first house makes the person prone too injuries and extremely active.

Mars in the fourth house makes the person very aggressive and dominant in nature. The better side is that the Manglik personsare successful in their career.

Mangliks are usually successful in life careers whethere Manglik Brides or Grooms. You would very rare found a manglik person lazy. Hence, they are rich and successful. But the problem arises when the choose a bad partner. They get angry very easily and take the wrong decision in haste. Eventually, they suffer.

Kaamini Khanna Astrologer advices that Mangliks Should always have Kundlis matched with prospects for better guidiance and awareness which will lead to a happy life.