How to captivate a man’s heart?

How to captivate a man’s heart?

There is no set formula to fall in love or force someone to fall in love with you. Yet, if you have found yourself someone who you believe you want to spend the rest of your life with, you need to put make sure that you start preparing yourself for a giving and committed relationship which focuses on doing everything that makes your partner happy and captivates his heart.

Here are a few simple tips to keep in mind that help you develop a long-lasting relationship with your partner:

1. Respect:

The first and foremost aspect that is sure to captivate the heart of your man is showing him some respect. This is crucial to building a strong foundation for your relationship. The more respect you will give him the easier it will be for him to grow his love for you.

2. Be understanding:

It is one thing to show concern through the day about how his day went, but make sure you are not crossing the line and stalking him. Be understanding about his work schedule and learn how to give him space. The more you let go the more he will be drawn to you.

Also, if you are already in a relationship, be empathizing about his time with his guy friends and encourage him to go spend some time with them to play sports etc. Try not to be too impatient and your better half is sure to be happier.

3. Listen:

Though women are considered the talkers, remember that the men like to talk about their work day, things that are stressing them and the achievements they made that day as much as women do. One of the sure shot ways of captivating a man’s heart is by developing a strong listening capacity. Avoid giving unsolicited advice and just give your partner two good ears. Your support and encouragement will be more than enough to gain a special place in the heart of your man.

4. Compliment him:

Just like we like to be appreciated every once in a while, men can be pretty attention seeking especially from their partners. Be open to complimenting him regularly, and genuinely. Appreciate him for all the hard work that he is putting in to provide comfort for you and your family. Not only will he feel supported but he will also be motivated to continue doing so.

5. The pleasure of the little things:

While you are expecting your man to always get innovative about celebrating your birthday, anniversary or any other important occasion, let the tables turn and take the initiative to do something sweet for him. You don’t even need to wait for an occasion. Cook him his favourite meal, have a private candle light dinner, write him little notes and letters of appreciation.

Believe it or not, captivating a man’s heart is far easier than one can imagine. If treated correctly, men can be extremely giving and loving. Remember not to exploit their selflessness. The best way to captivate a man’s heart is treating your partner the exact same way you want them to treat you at Manglik Matrimony for Manglik.