How to Choose the Right Profile for marriage

How to Choose the Right Profile for marriage

Search for a life partner is serious business. You could be a guardian wanting to get your ward married. You could be searching a life partner for yourself. Either which way, you need to be very sure of the people you interact with. Last few decades have seen a sea change in the way matrimonial alliances are formed in India. 

India is still traditional in marrying the arranged way. Major changes are reflected in the way the marriages are arranged, with the online search for a right profile for marriage gaining prominence. Giving way were the traditional contacts through the pundit, the match making agencies, and the nais (barbers). Referrals from family and friends are still strong contenders. Another major change is that profiles are being uploaded by the prospective brides / grooms and they interact themselves before the families get involved. 

How to Choose the Right Profile for marriage

Online matrimony is about finding the right profiles for marriage on the matrimonial sites. To find the right profile for marriage is a task that looks onerous, but with careful thought and planning it can be done with success. Let us see what it takes to find the right matrimonial profiles online. 

Do a thorough research of the Indian online matrimony space. Check out the many websites that are there.  Match your requirements to what they offer. Remember, they should provide verified profiles. If you are particular about specifics like religion, region, financial and social status, and planetary positions etc., while looking for life partners, then check out matrimonial websites that offer similar profiles. For example, if you want to search for a Manglik life partner you could log on to that hosts Mangliks only. Choose wisely. Keep options of more than one site. 

Look for verified profiles. Narrow down to profiles that provide a good amount of information, it should not look like they are hiding something. The person should be open to contact. A photograph is a plus. 

You should try and research on the people you find interesting and matching with your requirements. The Social Media is an excellent platform to do that. Hunt the person on social and professional sites. Check for comments by the person and for the person, and recommendations for them on the professional sites. Look for negative and positive comments. Once you are convinced that the information you found matches the one on the online matrimonial site, make your next move. At least you know there is consistency in the claims. 

While you check the profiles make sure you pay attention to the way they write about themselves and their expectations of their life partner. This gives away a lot about the attitude of the person and family. 

Do a background check with the company or neighborhood where the person claims to be from. An extremely important step. Find common connections if possible.  

As they say, The Cowl does make the Monk. You can never be too careful. So, do not hesitate. 

Make the first move, if need be. Express interest. Chat. 

Chat, if you are not comfortable with phone conversations or meetings very early in the process. If the person does not respect that, you know he / she is not meant for you / your ward. 

Investing your time, money and effort in finding the right profile for a shaadi is very very important. Do not skimp on the time and effort. Ever.