New trends in Online matrimony in India

New trends in Online matrimonial sites in India

Online matrimony is a big thing in the Indian wedding scenario. Indians are increasingly finding matches for themselves or their wards through the matrimonial sites. They have made inroads in the age-old traditional practices of finding matrimonial matches. 

Now online match making has become very popular in India. Mostly people have been searching bride & groom on matrimonial sites like and many more. It is very helpful and convenient for people.

The sites offer verified profiles with relevant details. They provide security to the people hosting their profiles against unwelcome advances from people they don’t want to connect with. Faster, user friendly, pocket friendly, safe – these websites provide a great platform for finding the ideal life partner. 

New trends in Online matrimony in India
New trends in Online matrimony in India

Despite the digital shift, in some aspects India still remains traditional when solemnizing marriages. Indians still go by regional, religious, star based and financial preferences when looking for life partners. Understanding and accepting this bent of mind, the online matrimony sites have come up with products to suit these preferences. 

Online matrimonial sites are offering sub-products that cater to regional preferences, religious and caste (even sub-caste) preferences, financial and social standing, and even the country of residence. Sites like offer a platform for people with a defined planetary position that holds a tremendous significance for Indian Hindus. There are matrimonial sites also for people who are looking at getting married again. This trend has caught on since people were always looking for filters based on these and many similar criteria. 

There are arguments in favor and against the trend. It can be argued that this trend is disturbing as this is encouraging the traditional and even biased mores of the Indian Vivah. The other side of the coin is that since these preferences are still in vogue as families look for security for their wards, there is no harm in giving them what they desire. 

The matrimonial sites are working towards giving better services and facilities to the clients. They are continuously working to enhance their safety features. All this is targeted towards making them the go to medium for marriages.