How to Keep the Love Alive in A Tamil Or Telugu Marriage?

How to Keep the Love Alive in A Tamil Or Telugu Marriage?

Marriages are different in the Southern region of India as compared to North India, be it love marriage or arranged. The Tamil and Telugu people constitute the significant population of South India, and they are known for their simple living and high caliber of education. If you want to see weddings full of Indian customs and traditions, then attending Telugu Marriage & Tamil weddings are a must. Marriage is the most critical spiritual symbol of the Tamil community. It is characterized by fun moments with family, presence of distant relatives and lots of traditional food.

But there are a lot in life after Kalyanam or marriage. An essential part of marriage is managing your relationship goals. With the increase in inter-caste marriages in India and even in Tamil and Telugu families, many marriages fail after a few years of marriage due to lack of love, too many battles, and cultural differences. Marriage is just the beginning of a new life, and there is much further. Marriage without love is like a flower without scent. But in most marriages, love seems to vanish after a few years.

Nobody wants to have a nasty married life filled with arguments and tension. But after marriage, the proportion of love continues to decrease and that of arguments continues to increase in most cases.

Let us consider some aspects that would help you keep your love alive in a Telugu or Tamil marriage!


Acceptance is the base of respect, and if you respect each other and your cultural and family differences, then you can go a long way forward. Accepting each other shouldn’t be based on mere words, and it should show up in your actions too. As joint families characterize Tamil or Telugu culture, you should be prepared to accept and respect each other’s families and relatives as well. Clear communication and realistic expectations are an essential part of accepting one another.

Develop Friendship:

In the South Indian culture, mostly the bride and the groom are both educated and at times, working persons. They may be in the same profession too. It is vital to develop an attitude of friendship among couples to gain confidence in each other. Just like you share your secrets and good times with your besties, if you do this with your soulmate, then you will have a lot of trust and understanding in your married life. Friends do understand each other’s perspective and stand beside each other in difficult times, and if you share your day with your partner, you will have the same trust in your relationship too.


Tamil matrimony or Telugu matrimony involves a lot of compatibility tests before the family finalises the marriage. You must take the time to understand each other’s values, interests and goals. This will make you more comfortable with one another.

Do Not Stop Dating:

Most of the couples end up spending time with each other after marriage and get involved in their routine life. This is the biggest mistake they can do. It is quite common in South Indian families because, in large families, the responsibilities are many. Even holidays and dinners are usually with the entire family. It kills the spark between the couple to some extent. So take some time out and steal some privacy. Try to impress one another, have fun, love deeply and laugh with each other. You can also date your beau at home. So bring the romance back in your life.

Share Your Responsibilities:

As both husband and wife are working in many modern South Indian households, it becomes difficult to handle personal as well as professional lives effectively. This leads to arguments and fights that can ultimately bring an end to your married life. Do not overburden your partner with familial responsibilities. Share the work at home and enjoy spending time with each other while doing the daily household chores. Even responsibilities of the children can be shared. This can be a great way to build your relationship stronger.

Give Some Space:

Married couples stay together, but that does not mean that they should invade the personal space of each other. After marriage, your partner does not need to be with you at all times, emotionally and physically. Give sufficient personal space and freedom to each other so that your love can blossom effectively.

Forgive and Be Forgiven:

Arguments and fights are a common thing in every marriage, especially in the early years till you get used to each other. But if you wish to keep the fire of love alive in your hearts, then you must learn to forgive each other. It is not necessary that you will always be right. Besides, winning an argument is not going to get you any reward. Holding grudges over petty arguments and petty matters can kill your relationship.


The art of listening is altogether different from hearing, but few people understand it. Understand the verbal and non-verbal meanings of your husband’s words. Take the time to understand his / her life and health conditions and expectations. If you want to have a vibrant marriage, then you should listen more than you speak.

Have A Daily Dose Of Love:

Love and kindness doesn’t mean for birthdays and anniversaries alone. You may celebrate every moment of togetherness and love between you. Do not leave your kindness and affection for special occasions. Giving small gifts to each other, even chocolate or a rose, can bring a smile on your partner’s face. The more you love your partner, the more you will get So, light up your passion and have a dose of love everyday.

Follow these simple tips and make them your lifestyle. As many Tamil matrimonial sites and Telugu matrimonial sites also recommend, if you follow these tips, love will never fade away in your married life. Tamil and Telugu people are born romantic by nature, but if your marriage is in a bad phase due to some misunderstanding, then it is time to hold each other’s hands and say words like “Sorry,” and “I Love you.”