How to Prepare Bride and Groom Bio data For Marriage

How to Prepare Bio data For Marriage/Shaadi

A bio data for marriage is, undoubtedly, a concise document which should be given the consideration and value it deserves. Just like a good resume helps you secure the right profession, a good bio data for marriage help you find a compatible life partner having the qualities that you’re looking for.

Here’s an easy, yet do it yourself approach in preparing a good bio-data for marriage. Follow the simple steps below, check each point and you’ll end up preparing a great yet lucid bio data for marriage. All you need is a computer/laptop and various photographs of yourself to start with.

Your Name and Contact Details

In the section of your bio data for marriage, say as much as possible, but within a few words as possible. Here are a couple of ideas on what you want to add:

  1. Your full name
  2. House / Flat number
  3. Floor number
  4. Name of the street, road
  5. Name of the city
  6. Pin code
  7. Your email id
  8. Mobile number
  9. Landline number
  10. Place of birth
  11. Date of birth
  12. Time of birth
  13. Nakshatra
  14. Rasi

There are some who create a separate email id, solely for the purpose of matrimonial matchmaking.

Professional Status

In this section within a few sentences, convey the person who is reading your bio data for marriage about

  • Your company name
  • Current work title
  • Place of posting
  • Date when you commenced work
  • Your income per year

Upload a Good Photographs

A photograph is worth a thousand words. Most of the times, people mind looking first at the photograph, before even going through the bio data for marriage. But if your photograph is missing or if it’s a passable photo, then most likely expect your bio data for marriage to be quickly passed over as well. Owing to that, you need to add a good photograph of yours.

Don’t Use a Group Photo

Just don’t add a group photo with your family or friends- it’s all about you. Make sure that you’re wearing appropriate clothes/accessories and you’re smiling.

A Photograph Which Merely Shows Your Face Isn’t Perfect

The photograph needn’t to be a full shot, from your head to toe. But instead, a head and shoulder shot or a medium shot showing your head to the waist will do.

Add Educational and Professional Detail

Add details regarding your academics in connection with your institutional and professional qualifications. As opposed to the CV for job applications wherein more attention is given to higher qualifications, in a bio data for marriage, the schooling part score a lot. Since the period of study at school is a developmental period, owing to that, include the school’s name as well as your college, university.

Certainly, you can add, remove or alter any of the headings according to your personal needs and liking. But be mindful that the details and specifications furnished in this section are enough to describe you.

Wow the Reader in the “About Yourself” Section

Typically after going through your name, contact details and photograph the person now wants to know more about you. Owing to that, this section comes prior to the other sections and the about your family section. The “About Yourself” section should include almost all about you, but use as few words as possible. You may begin this section by adding particulars regarding your physical appearance and look. Therefore the titles for this section of your bio data for marriage must be something like the following:

  • Age and DOB (Date of birth)
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Physical disability (only if it’s applicable)
  • Status (Only if divorced, widow/widower, annulled)

Show How Glad You Are of Your Family Background

As mentioned previously at the start, information regarding your family is as important as you are. Owing to that you need to add complete details here, about those in the immediate family, which means your parents, siblings and their spouses. Ensure that you approach the family details area with much care and attention. 

As a checklist, the details regarding your family should be something like this:
  • Father’s name and his occupation
  • Mother’s name and her occupation
  • Siblings, mentioning the youngest/eldest and their occupation.
  • Family Structure: Joint or nuclear family
  • Your religion and belief system
  • Your caste and sub-caste

An attractively framed bio data for marriage says it all. But make sure that you accentuate “who you are”, instead of “who you aren’t”.