The Science of Mangal Dosha and its Impact on Manglik Matrimony

The Science of Mangal Dosha and its Impact on Manglik Matrimony

The most popular and feared hindrance in an Indian marriage is the Mangal Dosh. There are a number of cases that you hear of everyday where potential brides and grooms are unable to bind themselves in holy matrimony simply because one of them is under the effect of this astrological obstruction.

What are the effects of this condition?

Manglik matrimony is believed to create serious problems in the marital life of a couple. Problems such as continuous fights in a marriage, possibility of a split, death of a spouse or both are expected to arise.

What does it mean from a Vedic Astrology perspective?

In terms of Vedic astrology, a person is deemed to fall under this effect when the marsh (Mangal) is present in any of the houses of their horoscope. Typically, if it is present in the first, fourth, seventh, eight or twelfth house.

In the first house, the obstruction impacts the personality of the bearer. This means, that he or she may be extremely short tempered.

In the fourth house, the condition impacts the vehicles of the bearer. This means he or she has high chances of facing issues pertaining to one’s house or vehicle. This could mean mishaps due to fire, electricity, chemicals etc.

The seventh house impacts the marital life or any partnerships in the life of either spouse. This means, that there are high chances of problems in the marital life as well as in business partnerships.

The presence of a mangal dosh in the eight house means that are high probabilities of premature deaths due to accidents etc.

The twelfth house has a negative impact on monetary aspects such as chances of losses, debt, home change etc.

Though these guidelines only given a broad picture of the its impact there are a number of other factors such as planetary movements and their power that play a role in the consequences of a Manglik matrimony.

How Do I rid myself of this Condition?

If you are keen on a Manglik matrimony, this obstruction is definitely curable. The first thing to do is cross check with an experienced astrologer if the Mangal Dosh is actually present in the horoscope of either one of the partners.

It is likely that you may unnecessarily prevent yourself from getting into a potentially good relationship out of fear or you may get into a potentially bad relationship out of ignorance.

The following factors need to be taken into consideration in such scenarios:

  • Is the condition really present in the horoscope?
  • Is it the boy or the girl that is the bearer of this obstruction?
  • And whose obstruction is stronger?
  • Are there chances of the obstruction getting cancelled on its own?
  • How serious is the condition and what are the consequences?

In Conclusion, it is important to remember that being under the effect of this condition should not hamper your day to day life or affect your self-esteem with respect to finding yourself a perfect life partner.