How to prepare for your wedding?

How to prepare for your wedding?

Getting married is the most exquisite and auspicious juncture in any individual’s life. Especially in India which is a traditional country, everyone considers marriage as a bond between the two souls. Each individual thinks that their marriage should be impeccable and crystal clear without any imperfections.

Both the bride as well as the brides and grooms have their own dreams of celebrating their wedding. While most of the basic things are taken care by parents and relatives from both the sides, there will be few things where both the girl and boy would like to have during their wedding.

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Here are few tips and suggestions which would definitely make your dream come true.

Have a theme

Once the engagement is done both the bride and bridegroom would get a chance to talk about many things. However, many of them tend to plan their wedding during these conversations. Check with your partner about their dreams. In case both of you have different ideas of getting married, plan it in such a way that both your wishes would be fulfilled.

Prepare budget

Since you already have a budget planned as per your families make the best out of it. Let them know about the menu that you would like to have during your wedding lunch or dinner.

Ambient wedding destination

Once you plan your budget, ensure that you plan a wedding destination to have your big fat Indian wedding grand success with about 3 days ceremony. Make sure that the ambience is perfect.

Choose the perfect wedding card

Wedding card is something which gives clear information about your wedding date, venue and other important details. Make sure that your wedding card has all the details regarding your wedding.

Bring in a wedding planner

Hiring a wedding planner who takes care of each and every part during your wedding is one of the most important thing to consider. These days you can find these wedding planners at affordable rates who would give you 100% quality service. They can also help you in buying the great trousseau as well as finalizing your outfit for the D day according to the theme .

Hire the best photographer

Marriage is something you would want to remember throughout your life time. Hence you need to find the best photographer who would keep your lovely moments safe via photographs.

Engage a choreographer

As per the Indian traditions, Sangeet is one of the fabulous moment where the bride and bridegroom would be required to dance together. In fact this is like a warm up session for both the individuals to feel comfortable. Do not let this to be a disastrous moment without any preparation. Both the would be bride and bridegrooms can go to a choreographer and take some advice and make it a colorful moment in their life.

Avoid over makeup

This tip is especially for the bride who tend to look beautiful on the wedding day. Always have a trial makeup to ensure that nothing went wrong with your makeup at the D day.

Stay calm and keep smiling

While most of the important tasks are taken care by your family members and friends stay calm and have proper sleep. Have a smile on your face all the time during the entire ceremony. Especially during the wedding time make sure that you have one or two of your close friends stay with you all the time for any help. Do not take even minute errors into your mind and spoil your mood. These kind of things would happen during any wedding.