Why Indian Marriages Fail? Learn To Save Yours!

Why Indian Marriages Fail? Learn To Save Yours!

Many marriages fail, it is a fact and the most recent studies and reports on the situation of divorces and separations in our country testifies to this. Each year, more than 5 million of weddings have been celebrated in India. Second marriages, or subsequent marriages increasing with a good ratio each year. The increase in second marriages celebrated with a civil ceremony continues.

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In particular, the introduction of the so-called “short divorce” records a sharp increase in the number of divorces. The average length of marriage at the time of separation is about 17 years. On average, husbands are 48 years old, wives 45 years old. It doesn’t matter whether you search for your life partner on a matrimony website like Mangliks.com or get your marriage arranged through family friends.

Today, there are many couples who, before divorcing, try to contact a therapist to find out if the marriage can be saved. Often there are couples in crisis for years, but who still have the strength to grit their teeth and turn to a professional to try to save their relationship.

Ask yourself, is it worth saving?

Most couples tend to focus on the wrong things and their respective weaknesses. Instead, try to think about what works, what you still like about your partner; thinking about the strengths of your marriage will be a springboard to revive your relationship.

The crisis might be temporary

When you argue with your partner, very strong impulses are stirred up in the soul that can lead to exaggerated reactions and impulsive decisions. Instead, what you have to do before making rash choices is to wait for the waters to calm down. Only by recovering rationality can one truly understand what one wants from one’s marriage.

Overcome Embarrassment

When the relationship is on the verge of an end, the last thing you want to do is cuddle up or whisper sweet words. Sentimental relationships are nourished by gestures of love and if you want to recover your marriage, make an effort to bring back those natural gestures as they did in the beginning. Send your partner a bouquet of flowers or a cheesy message. Maybe he will understand that it is forced but appreciate it anyway.

Focus only on what you can do

Marriage is about two people. And therefore the problems also involve both spouses. Instead of saying phrases like “we argue a lot” or “we don’t have a good sexual relationship anymore”, try to think about what you are doing to contribute to this situation, so that you can say: “We argue a lot, but I’m learning to let the little things go by”,

Try to understand each other’s problems

Focus on growing your relationship and overcoming difficulties. It is useless to think that with a new partner all your problems will be solved, in fact the couple dynamics tend to repeat themselves.

Think about your children

If you have children, you must make sure that you can explain to them before you get divorced that you have done everything you can to save the marriage. Only in this way there will be no regrets.

Try your best to control

Focus only on what you can control. It is useless to go to the therapist with a list of things you would like to change in your partner. However, to what you can do to feel good. You will soon feel more relaxed, in a better mood, and your relationship will improve as a result.