How to write Bio-Data for Non-Manglik and Manglik Marriage

How to write Bio-Data for Non-Manglik and Manglik Marriage

The first thing that people look while looking for marriage bio-data is the photo. You should attach a crisp and clear photo with a smiling face. Your photo should be natural &not with family and friends so that you are perfectly visible. You should not add special effects to your photo or edit it.

When you fill up your form for marriage online, you are supposed to fill a questionnaire. Details of your height, marital status, mother tongue and religion. These are some questions that you answer. You are supposed to write a description about you introducing yourself. It should be between 90 to 150 words and properly describe you. If you don’t pay attention to it, people looking for a life partner will simply overlook your profile and reject it.  You may look out for better sample profiles for Manglik Matrimony and Non- Mangliks at
How to write Bio-Data for Non-Manglik and Manglik Marriage
How to write Bio-Data for Non-Manglik and Manglik Marriage

You should properly fill up the education and profession section of your bio-data with right information. You should not mention your salary unless the salary of your desired life partner is important for you. If you are a high salariedperson, don’t mention your salary. If you mention your high salary, it would attract the money seeking partners towards you rather than the one that deserve you. If you would like to mention your income and it is on an average, then you may. You are supposed to find the right Non-Manglik or Manglik Grooms or Brides for you.

In the latter half of your details, you should describe all the things that you need in your life partner. You should be frank while sharing your personality or personal traits. It would give a better idea to the prospects about you and having any misunderstanding. You should also properly describe your hobbies and interests. It would really help to find a life partner for you with the similar interests.This should  help you to find the right Non-Manglik and Manglik Brides & Grooms.

Describe properly your fathers occupation, mothers occupation, your siblings. This detail holds importance for the parents looking for bride or groom for their son or daughter. You should mention your eating habits properly whether you are a vegetarian or not. These things are also important as India is a country with diverse culture and traits.

Matrimonial sites generally don’t accept the profiles with contact details in the open forum. So, beware of it. Don’t include your email id or phone no while creating profile on matrimony sites. While advertising on newspaper, you must be including your contact details with the suitable time of contact.

After completing your introduction, mention your details in an easy format as follows:-

* Age
* Height
* Religion
* Caste (optional)
* Mother tongue
* Vegetarian or non vegetarian
* Smoker or non smoker
* Drink or does not drink
* Education
* Employment status
* Salary (optional)
* Manglik (optional)
* Current location (state/city)