Why Do NRIS want To Marry Indian Grooms or Brides

Why Do NRIS want To Marry Indian Grooms or Brides

Even if one accepts the culture, he internally vies for the old cultural values and instincts with which he was once bound. Marrying an Indian girl who shares similar cultural values makes him internally satisfied and happy. Marriage is all about accepting and understanding one another.

The trend is that Indian NRI bachelors look for Indian brides for marriage mostly. They prefer Indian girls even though they may have many foreign friends. What’s the reason? The key reason lies in the sociology and psychology of Indian born NRI men.
Why Do NRIS want To Marry Indian Grooms or Brides

Some of the reasons are as follows:-

Cultural Bondage

A man cannot forget his culture or accept other cultures easily. Even though he accept new cultures. He is not able to ignore the values and ethics of his old culture to which he was once internally tied. That’s why marrying an Indian girl with the similar culture gives him internal happiness and satisfaction. Culture similarities make the bond of this relationship very strong.

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Ease of return chances:

Some NRI prefer to marry the Indian brides to boost up their chances of returningto India. Most of the NRI’s live abroad with their hearts in India. When they desire of coming back & staying in India, their hearts pound with the thought of returning. They think that when they would marry an Indian girl, they are on equal terms with their spouse and agree to accompany them in returning to India.

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Necessity for a stable family:

The family set up of Indians is different than the foreign families. Adjustment of outspoken relatives to Indian family conditions is very difficult. Foreign girls are not able to mould up to the Indian families lifestyles very much. NRIs think that no other girl than the one born in India could live up to the expectations of their Indian families lifestyles.

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Superiority of Male

In India, men enjoy a privileged position in family in terms of responsibilities and many other parameters. NRI boys see such how there fathers behave &expierence. So they want to continue with the same psychology. That’s why NRI grooms prefer Indian girls for marriage.

The reason for an NRI boy to marry an Indian bride or girl may be critical as well as logical. It might be that he loves Indian culture very much or he is in deep love with the Indian girl and wants her as his life partner.

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