Identify fraudsters on online matrimonial sites.

Identify fraudsters on online matrimonial sites.

A pertinent question that plagues almost everyone who hosts a profile on an online matrimonial site is how to identify and avoid getting trapped by fraudsters. There are some basic points to keep in mind that can ensure maximum security. 

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Getting a new e-mail ID to operate the online matrimonial profile is a good idea. Our e-mail IDs are linked to most important things in our lives, hence it is imperative to create a new one for matrimony. 

If the website offers verification of profiles, opt only for those profiles. Actually, opt only for websites that verify profiles. It makes your task much easier while looking for a life partner. 

Check, check, check the profiles of the prospects. The most important step of searching on the Indian matrimonial sites. Verify the details given in the profile. Ask questions. Take your time to verify. If the other person / the guardians of the prospect show even a bit of hesitation in sharing important or even regular details, e-mail ID or they are inconsistent in their answers, raise your antennae and put on your Sherlock hat. Do not hesitate in investigating about the other person. There are instances of people making fake profiles. Beware.  

Do not share your personal and professional details if the other person doesn’t. If the prospect is hurrying you in sharing details or meeting or even marriage, it is time to put on your running shoes. 

Block the people who ask for money or any favors very early in the discussions. For that matter even later. No one should. 

Face-to-face meetings are very important while forming matrimonial alliances. Remember the golden rule to meet safely in public, never ever in remote places. If you think it is called for, take someone along with. If the other person insists on secrecy, there is surely something to hide and maybe something to be fearful of. 

It is important to try and keep fake people at bay. And, be alert for any signs for doubt. 

Marriage is a commitment for life. It pays to be careful, even if extra bit more.