Look perfect while you get married on a beach

Look perfect while you get shaadi on a beach

A beach wedding is a destination wedding made of the many hues of the sea, its volume, and its calming splashes as it goes by its mighty existence. Being near the sea is exhilarating, empowering, and meditative. To get married in the lap of the sea, not surprisingly, is a dream of many couples. 

All brides want to look their best on their special day. A beach wedding calls for many practical considerations for make-up and dress. It is to be remembered that it is hot and humid. The dress cannot be very heavy and elaborate. The make-up should ideally be kept light and natural. 

Look perfect while you get married on a beach
Look perfect while you get married on a beach

For a perfectly made up look, a bride needs to keep in mind the weather, the time of the day, and most importantly her skin tone. 

Therefore, we would suggest that the skin should be properly hydrated with a moisturizer. Very good quality primer, foundation, blushes, eye highlights should be used. For best effects the shades should be natural, non-dramatic, and your make-up should not cake. Use a water-proof and sweat-proof make-up. Use matt lip color. Because of the breeze on a beach, your hair might fly and stick on your glossy lip color. Totally avoidable. It is best to not only use high quality stuff but also enlist the help of some professionals. They would be best suited to guide you to look your best.  

Style your hair to stay in place. Even if you want to wear it low, there are many choices in style that will ensure that it will not fly at will in the beach breeze. 

Remember that moderation and sensible styling is the key to look your best on your beach wedding, while the heat and breeze go about their part.