Kumbh Vivah Puja For Manglik Girl/Boy Marriage

Kumbh Vivah Puja For Manglik Girl/Boy Marriage

Since 25 years I have been helping people facing delay in marriage, facing obstacles in finding a Life Partner and Matrimony Alliance, there are many reasons associated with delay in Marriage which is also called Vivah Yog delay. Mainly Vivah Yog delays are due to past Ancestral Karmas linked with Planetary/Navagraha Placements in one’s Horoscope. The most influential Graha causing delay in Marriage or Breakups is Lord Mangal Graha, followed by Shukra, Chandra, Rahu and Ketu and other Grahas placed in 7th House of Rashi and Navamsha chart. Whereas the most commonly found hurdle for delay in Marriage is Lord Mangal Graha causing Mangal, Manglik Dosha, I perform Kumbh Vivah Parihar Puja to Remove Mangal Dosha / Kuja Dosh in Janma Kundli and Vivah Yog Balam Puja to Remove delay in Marriage caused by other Grahas. and this helps reduce the delay by 90% and greatly helps in finding marriage alliance for arranged marriage and for love marriage too and leads to an early marriage.

I have written this bit of information on Manglik Dosha (North) / Kuja Dosha / Chevvai Dosham (South) after receiving several requests from my clients who have suffered the fury of Manglik Dosha / Kuja Dosh / Vivah Yog Balam Dosha in their life causing Delay in marriage, multiple relationship breakups, engagement breakups and going through a divorce and stress. A lot of people do not know if they have Manglik Dosh in their Kundli / Horoscope and wonder why there is delay in Marriage and in finding suitable matrimony alliance, such delays are caused by Mangal Graha in a Girl or Boys Kundli, so its better to Get it checked in advance. After knowing about Manglik Dosha in their Kundli, my clients have been relieved of Manglik Dosha through the Manglik Dosh Parihar Puja which is Kumbh Marriage performed under my personal guidance.

For your understanding I will explain below subjects:

  • What is Manglik Dosh Parihar Puja-Kumbh Vivah
  • How Mangalik Dosha Occurs in a Kundli
  • Automatic Cancellation of Manglik Dosha in Kundli – is it real?
  • Manglik Girl + Manglik Boy Marriage=Is Dosha Cancelled?
  • Vivah Yog Balam Puja – For people (Non Manglik & Manglik) facing huge delays in finding a Life Partner/Matrimony Alliance & Alliance for Love Marriage

For Manglik Boys and Girls – Manglik Dosh Parihar Puja is Kumbh Vivah:

It’s a ritual / parihar puja to remove Manglik Dosh that I perform for people seeking to get rid of Manglik Dosha / Kuja Dosha from their Kundli, whereby a marriage ceremony will be conducted for you with a Clay Pot filled with water – Kumbh or Kumbha is a Sanskrit word, meaning Clay Pot or Clay Pottery to fill water and Marriage means marriage. Kumbh Vivah means Wedding Ceremony with a Clay Pot. Completing this Ritual means your 1st marriage is complete and this will remove Manglik Dosh from your Kundli creating way for your Successful Real Marriage.

Why Use Clay Pot: Just like a water filled Gold, Silver, Copper or Clay Kalash is used in Homa’s / Yagya’s to Avahan Lords and Goddess / Deva’s into the Kalash’s water, the Kalash is considered alive and visited by the deity and after Homa the water from the Kalash is sprinkled on all who attended the Homa as holy water, similarly a brand new clay pot filled with clean water is assumed alive by Lord Mangal Graha as a Bride/Groom, the clay pot is decorated like a bride or a groom for the marriage ceremony and after completing the ceremony the Clay Pot is broken by dumping it on a rock, which means your newly married bride / groom is dead and making you a widow. Hence Lord Mangal Graha removes the Manglik Dosh from your kundli after the clay pot is broken post Kumbh Vivah and your path is clear for your Real Marriage.

Why Not use Vishnu, Krishna Statue / Peepal / Banana Tree for such Parihara / Vivah

I do not suggest these options because statues are woken for the Puja, you would have to take care of it with regular Puja forever, if not new dosha’s take place and trees are alive naturally – in both scenarios you would have 2 alive partners after the real marriage – you would not be able to water the tree throughout your life and I do not suggest cutting off a tree for a Parihar Puja, causing more dosha’s. by harming mother nature.

Where is Kumbh Marriage performed?

Any kind of Dosha Parihar / Nivaran Puja must not be performed at home. Temples are the best places for such Parihar Puja.

What is the Cost of Kumbh Vivah:

It’s a Not for Profit initiative and it’s very reasonably priced, cost only includes the Wages/Dakshina of Expert Purohit, Cost of Puja Items, Homa/Havan Items, Consultation Fee and Donation towards the temple.

So, what happens when Lord Mangal Graha creates Manglik Dosha/Kuja Dosha in a Kundli!

  • For Teenage or Young Couples: Horrible fights between GF/BF – Result: Breakup.
  • For Formally Engaged Couples in Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage – Misunderstandings between Bride and Groom Families – Result: Breakup just before Engagement or even after Engagement
  • For Married Couples – Fights, Misunderstandings, Mental Trauma and Can’t tolerate each other – Result – Divorce – Leading to 2nd Marriage.
  • For People seeking/searching for Marriage Alliances – Delay, Delay and Delay

In all 4, above mentioned scenarios common thing is to DELAY in finding the right life partner, after going through all the torture of multiple relationships, mental trauma, breakup and divorce!

How to save ourselves from the danger of Manglik Dosh & Vivah Dosh causing delays in marriage? Do not worry – if there is a Dosh, there is a parihara / solution too and the ancient solution that I am practising has been the most reliable and simplest solutions for such traumatic and distressing problem. Hundreds of individuals and couples have performed this Manglik Dosha Parihara under my guidance and are happily married and leading a beautiful life.

Is Kumbh Vivah needed for Divorced Manglik Male / Female: In most cases Manglik Dosh is removed after divorce, however it depends on the Graha Placement if a divorced Manglik requires Kumbh Vivah or not, can be confirmed by reviewing the horoscope.

B.) How to Check Manglik Dosh Occurrence in a Kundli – With your personal research, by now you must have known that placement of Lord Mangal Graha in your kundli’s 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th House of Lagna Kundli causes Manglik Dosha / Kuja Dosha

Similar placement of Mangal Graha from Chandra and Shukra must be counted, 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th House from Chandra and Shukra causes Manglik Dosha

C.) Is it True Automatic Cancellation of Manglik Dosh / Kuja Dosha by itself in the Kundli / Horoscope after a certain age ?

This is not true as per my personal experience and its a proven risk – Automatic Cancellation of Manglik Dosh never happens by itself, if Manglik Dosh gets cancelled after the age of 26 or 30 years, why are people facing divorce and relationship problems even after this age??

Personally, whenever I have matched kundlis for people seeking 2nd Marriage alliances’ I found that all those who were suggested that their Manglik Dosh was nullified or cancelled after certain age & avoided Parihara Puja, they were the ones who got divorced! So its better to take few minutes out to check your Kundli / Horoscope for the Manglik Dosha and get rid of it by completing the Kumbh Vivah Parihar Pooja to avoid the disaster.

I will explain why some astrologers say that the Mangik Dosha gets cancelled: Cancellation of Manglik Dosha may happen temporarily when a Stronger & Positive Graha would aspect Mangal Graha to weaken its negative power in your Kundli to stop fights, create love and romance. But the Stronger & Positive Graha’s do not remain that way always or throughout life, because depending on the Planetary Transits and Dasha, Bhukti, Antara of your Kundli, strong graha’s also weaken, that’s when Mangal Graha gains its strength and causes turmoil, relationship breakups and causes divorce, this can be nullified only if Manglik Dosh Parihar – Kumbh Vivah is performed

Is Manglik Dosh Nullified after the Age of 28 Years: No, if that was the case, Manglik person must never get divorced after 28 Years of Age. But there are millions of Manglik Boys & Girls fighting Divorce in Family Court across India in the age group of <28 to 60+ Years and millions across the world.

D) Manglik Girl + Manglik Boy Marriage = Is Dosh Cancelled? – No, Dosha Not Cancelled, the couple may be compatible for a good amount of time in wedlock because Manglik peoples wavelengths match very well, but Dosha is not cancelled. Manglik Dosha creates yog of 2 marriages and even widowhood, which means there are high chances of getting divorced or widowed even if girl and boy both are Manglik’s.

Celebrity Example: Kamal Hassan and Sarika both are Mangliks but divorced after 16 years of marriage (1988 – 2004) & many such couples get divorced both being Mangliks. It’s good to realise early that the theory of Manglik + Manglik Marriage = Dosh Cancelled, is not correct.

What is Parihara for Manglik + Manglik Marriage – Both Bride and Groom must undergo / perform Kumbh Vivah before getting married

Is Manglik Dosh applicable for people from Across the World and of different Faith & Religion: Yes, of course, Breakups & Divorces are connected with Lord Mangal Grah & Manglik Dosh in a Horoscope and that’s how destiny is designed in a Horoscope through Navagraha’s and in recent past Horoscopes are being studied world over to check & improve the quality of life with comforts and reduce stress. Western Countries divorce rate ranges from 15% to 60%, but in India it’s around 1% to 4%. It’s because Indian’s get the Mangal Dosha Parihar done before marriage or after marriage and save themselves from divorce.

Another Important aspect while matching your kundli / horoscope with your partners is that, Mangal Dosh – is not visible in Ashta Kuta Guna Milan. Even if Ashta Kuta Guna Milan score is above 18 points, the marriage may lead into a breakup / divorce due to presence Manglik Dosh in both horoscopes or even 1 horoscope. So its very important to check for Manglik Dosh + Ashta Kuta Guna Milan before finalizing the match.

Manglik Dosh is also a Yog of 2 Marriages – One person 2 spouse Yog – like the Kings / Maharaja’s / Rich had 2/3/4 wives in olden days, but this Yog is of no use as per marriage laws in most countries in this century. While Lord Mangal Grah wants to make sure that you go through all the Trauma, Breakup’s and Divorce of 1st Marriage, the ultimate goal is to cause a 2nd Marriage, and that’s why Kumbh Vivah comes to your rescue. Feel free to reach out to me to make your horoscope / kundli, to find if there is Manglik Dosh and to see what’s causing delays in finding the right partner and why are you not getting married yet.

D.) For Non-Manglik and Manglik Boys & Girls -What is Vivah Yog Balam Puja – Why not find that one right partner without hurdles and problems at one go? By removing the hurdles caused by other Graha’s, reduce the delays and get married & settle in life faster.

Yes it’s possible through the ancient and proven techniques that were followed by the Rishi Muni’s by Invoking Teertha (Holy Water) and Prasad with Graha Balam / Strengthening Planet responsible for Vivah Yog (Strengthening the Planets of your Kundli responsible for Marriage) and the Prasad is to be consumed by the people facing delay in marriage or facing a break up in a relationship or marriage.

This vedic technique is almost extinct / lost in the current generation, I am fortunate for having studied & performed this vedic technique passed on to me by my forefathers, with the help of Ancient Texts, Vedic Mantra’s are chanted to strengthen Nakshatra Lord, Rashi Lord, Lagna Lord and Graha’s responsible for Vivah Yog in your Kundli and invoked in the Prasad that you need to consume. 100’s of happily married couples thank me even today when they invite me for family functions and at times for their baby’s 1st birthday.

The science hidden in this Prasad works like a miracle, when you consume the Vivah Yog Balam Prasad your Nakshtra / Stars, Kundli Lord & other Graha’s start working to find that right person destined for you and in a matter of 4 to 6 weeks you would have met a person who prefers you & will be of your stature, desire and reputation, will be ready to tie that knot & for the commitment.

Another advantage is that the person seeking to get married need not be present physically for Vivah Yog Balam Puja. As this Puja is performed by keeping the person’s Kundli / Horoscope at the time of Puja to energise Graha’s to bring the life partner closer to you and to reduce delays in marriage, replacing the need for physical presence. A lot of people from cross India and Internationally receive the Vivah Yog Balam Prasad through Courier. The most suitable time to perform Vivah Yog Prapti Puja is 3am to 5am, that’s after sun set and before sun rise. This is when Navagraha’s are most calm and composed to accept and grant your wishes.

About Me:

I’m a Post Graduate in Vedic Astrology from KSU, Bangalore,My expertise lie in study of horoscopes / kundli to identify life issues and offer solutions – Education, Career, Finance, Marriage, Cesarian Birth Muhuratha, Foreign Settlement and more. I also specialise in Manglik Dosh / Kuja Dosh Parihar Pooja Solutions because this knowledge and experience comes to me as a legacy from my forefathers who were Astrologers and were actively involved with Astrologers of Royal Family of Mysore’ assisting, making and studying Panchangam and Kundlis for the Mysore Royal Family since mid 1800’s in Mysore, I have been studying and matching Manglik Dosh / Kuja Dosha Kundli since 25 Years for Delay in Marriage and for Chances of Divorce and I ensure to make such divorce chances to a Zero.

My expertise in studying the reasons for delay in finding a life partner and minimize such delay has helped hundreds of people in India & Abroad. I also help Non-Manglik and Manglik’s facing delay in Marriage or in finding life partner.

Feel free to contact me if you seek help in below areas:

  1. Detailed Horoscope Matching for Arranged Marriage or Love Marriage with Complete Parihara / Solutions
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  3. Parihara for Unmarried Couples facing problems in Relationship
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Benefits of Online Kumbh Vivah Puja

  1. Helps to attain divine blessings of Planet Mangal and offers relief from its malefic effects
  2. Helps to remove the Mangal Dosha completely
  3. Helps to remove all planetary afflictions, conjunction and aspects from the 7th house of marriage.
  4. Offers stability in personal and professional life
  5. Blesses with a happy marital life
  6. Blesses with protection of spouse, birth of health progeny & harmonious marriage